About Darren Shan

darrenplasticI am the author of two series of books, “The Saga Of Darren Shan” (known in the States as “Cirque Du Freak”), and “The Demonata”. For more information about them, as well as loads of facts about me, my touring schedule, how to send a letter to me, movie news, etc. etc. please go to my official web site at www.darrenshan.com

“The Saga” was a 12 book series about a boy who becomes a vampire’s assistant. It has been published in more than 39 countries around the world, and is available in dozens more. All 12 books have been released in the UK, America and many other countries. Some of the countries where the books have been bestsellers include: Hungary, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA.

The movie rights to “The Saga” were bought by Universal Studios. The producer is Lauren Shuler Donner (she made the “X-Men” movies). A script was written by Brian Helgeland (“L.A. Confidential”, “Mystic River”), and then re-written by director Paul Weitz (“American Pie”, “About a Boy”). It combines the first 3 books and will be called “Cirque Du Freak”. Chris Massoglia will play Darren Shan, Josh Hutcherson will play Steve Leopard. John C Reilly will play Mr Crepsley. Salma Hayek will play Madame Truska (in a part expanded from the books). Willem Dafoe will play Gavner Purl. Filming began in February 2008 in New Orleans, and wrapped in June 2008. The film is set to be released in the USA on October 23rd 2009. There are currently no release dates yet confirmed for any other countries.

“The Demonata” will run to 10 books in total. The most recent entry, “Dark Calling”, the ninth book in the series, was released in the UK at the start of May 2009 — book 10, “Hell’s Heroes”, goes on sale on October 1st 2009. “Wolf Island,” the eighth book, was released in the States in April 2009 — books 9 and 10 will be released in America in October 2009 and spring 2010. For release schedules in other countries, you’ll need to check the LINKS section on my web site.

For writing tips and advice, please scroll through my old BLOG entries here and at my old blog site: http://darrenshan.blogdrive.com/ —  there are lots of nuggets scattered throughout it! You can find out much more about the books, and about me, by visiting my officially, personally maintained and updated web site: www.darrenshan.com

Please note, although I do read every comment that is posted, it is impossible for me to reply to all (or even most) of them. If you want a guaranteed reply, you will need to post a letter to me. You can find the address on my web site.

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