Closing this Blog down

June 8, 2010 at 19:55 (Uncategorized)

Hi folks, I’m going to be shutting down this wordpress blog shortly. Now that my site has been redesigned, I am hosting the blog over at in the News & Blog section. By keeping it there, I’m going to be able to maintain it much easier. Also it will tie in with the rest of my site, and make it easeir for you guys to view it as part of the site. I’ll still be replicating it on MySpace for the time being, but this wordpress version now seems redundant, so my advice is to head on over to the freshly designed web site and register your details there, using the Subscribe function, which works the same way this one does, alerting you every time a new blog or news article is posted.


  1. terry cooper said,

    how do get to the blog in the new website, i just went there and i did not find anything. you should continue demonata books i am a fan of the demonata books!

  2. terry cooper said,

    i take that back

  3. Sam said,

    im a fan of all his books. his series leave you breathless at every turn. Hope you are working on another series. ill be the first one to read it. :p

  4. adam said,

    Zom-b is a great book. Would like to see more audio books of seminars and critique during freak

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