Celtic synchronicity!

May 14, 2010 at 20:02 (Uncategorized)

I received the following email from a lady called Tracy in the USA, which made me smile:

So I sat down and watched the Vampire’s Assistant movie sometime ago and noticed it came from a book series. Since I’m a proud owner of the B&N Nook I ran off and downloaded some of the books which later turned into ALL of the series. Fantastic work! I will say though I am happy I’ve learned through the book to movie projects that you should ALWAYS see the movie first and you’ll appreciate both the movie and book more in the end. The differences between the two were drastic at times and I was never really sure how they would do another movie from the next three book’s influence. Please understand I wasn’t disappointed with either, but in fact loved them both.

ANYWAYS on to the real point of my email. After reading all the Cirque books I had looked around online to see if there was any talk of the sequel to the movie and then to see if you had any other series out there. I came across your web page and found out about the Demonata series and I slowly started reading them. I was quite a bit busy at the time planning for a vacation to Ireland with my Husband, child and mother-in-law when right there I find you are from Ireland. I thought to myself “What are the odds of that.” Well I knew it would be a long flight and a long drive (seeing Ireland from a road trip in only 9 days) so I downloaded Bec to keep me company.

On our second day there I went on a fantastic tour and then on the way to the next place I started reading Bec. All I could think was “HOLY CRAP He took this tour, threw in demons and magic and BOOM a book!”. The tour I took was the Irish National Heritage Park tour. It must have been a day later that I got to the part about how she cooked the meat in the hole in the water and wrapped the meat in straw (perfectly described in my tour at the INHP). In case you are wondering I don’t read that slow I was just so busy enjoying the country side, take a tour or screaming at my husband “LEFT!!  DRIVE ON THE LEFT!” or “OMG THE ROAD IS TOO NARROW!” or the many other driving hazards of an American driver in Ireland.

I honestly have to say that I was able to REALLY enjoy the book more as I was in Ireland at that time and learning all the different tools, homes and cooking methods of Ireland’s past AT THE TIME I was reading that book. Again all I could say was “What are the odds of that.” I’m home now, yes my family and I have been victorious over the ash cloud’s attack of flying, and just finished Bec and I have to say its the best so far because of the perfect timing of it all  🙂 Thank you for letting everyone have a glimpse of your imagination in your writing!

Heh heh — as I said to Tracy — coincidence… or DESTINY?!? Like Tracy, I toured some of the national heritage parks of Ireland when researching Bec, and they played a large part in helping me hopefully cpature what Celtic Ireland might have been like 1600 years ago — demons excetped, it’s as historically accurate a book as I could write. If anyone else is thinking of coming to Western Ireland on holiday, bring a copy of Bec with you, or read it in advnce or just after your tour — you’ll find the two probably play off one another very nicely indeed!!!


  1. Bella Baltierra said,

    thats so cool!!! my dream is to go to ireland (you would think it would be paris or germany *i have a sister there* or england) but nope. Ireland is my happy place hehe. either im going to end up comming to you or you’re gonna have to come to California!! hehe.

    demonic and vampiric wishes,

  2. jaredalert said,

    im in ireland right now in mayo

  3. Stephanie said,

    Wow! I had No idea that you were from Ireland!

    I’m an American ex-pat who’s been living in the Dublin area for the last two years. I love to listen to audio books while out on long walks. So far I’ve gotten through the first 3 books of Cirque and the first 6 of Demonata.

    And I have to add that while listening to Bec, I found myself on more than one occasion thinking: “Wow, that sounds like a place I could run across here.” And now I’ve found out that was a more accurate thought than I realized!


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