First leg covered

April 30, 2010 at 19:42 (Uncategorized)

The second day of the tour is done and dusted, and that means the first leg has now been completed — I’m done in Ireland, and moving on to England. It’s been a manic couple of days. I started with a great schools event in Portlaoise for 250 kids. The town has recently been involved in a One Town One Book project, where they chose a book for the entire community to focus on — and they chose Cirque Du Freak!! 500 copies of the book were distributed, not only to school kids, but to adult learners, and also the Over 55s club!!! I was signing for more than 2 hours after my event — and the TV show ICE were there to film me throughout the day, so watch up for that on an upcoming show! Then we went straight on to Newbridge for a public signing — that lasted a whopping 4 hours!!!! After that we drove on to Dublin, where there was just time to check my emails, watch a bit of TV and listen to some music, before I fell into bed and slept the sleep of the dead!!

Today we did another top-notch schools event, for 280 kids, in Blanchardstown in Dublin. I signed for more than an hour afterwards, then we went to do a radio interview with 4FM — that’s due to be broadcast in the near future, on their Culture Club show. We had time for a quick bit of lunch (a luxury!!) then went to Easons in O’Connell Street. The turnout wasn’t quite as massive as we had expected, compared with my last few events there — I was “only” signing for 2 and a half hours!!! It’s a measure of just how crazy my touring has become that a 2 and a half signing can be seen as an easy afternoon’s work!!! Most authors will never sign for anywhere near that length of time at any point in their career, and would probably faint with exhaustion if they ever had to sit there signing books for that long. I was chuckling and rubbing my hands with glee — more time for a few drinks at the airport!!!! And that’s where I am now, sipping a glass of Bailey’s which typing up this! Next port of call — London, and hopefully another nice long session!!!!!

In other news, I was shocked this afternoon to hear that the Irish radio talk show host, Gerry Ryan, had died. He’s been a prominent fixture on Irish radio ever since the early 1980s. I often listened to his shows, at work or in the car, and always found him very entertaining. He rubbed some people up the wrong way, but I think any DJ of note has to do that if they want to be fresh and original. Irish radio will be a far lesser place without him.


  1. Jill Lupton said,

    Darren Shan you ROCK OUT LOUD! I think it’s great you have so many people who love you. We have loved you for a VERY LONG TIME. My kids have the picture you posed with them on both of their facebook pages and that tells me just how much they love you. You and The Killers are their favorite artists. Nevertheless they are still very good kids! 😉 Love, The Luptons in Las Vegas!

  2. Miley said,

    Aaaaaah…… There ain’t no rest for the wicked, eh? I guess you couldn’t hold back even if you wanted to!

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