Doubling up

April 26, 2010 at 21:04 (Uncategorized)

Finished my final edit of Birth of a Killer!! Now that my books are going to be coming out at the same time in America as the UK, the editing process has got a bit more complicated. In the old days, I’d work exclusively with my UK editor, knock the book into final shape, then simply approve or reject any changes that my American editor suggested later. Now I have to juggle both at the same time. To give you an idea of how it works, I edited the UK proofs and made some minor last-minute tweaks; then I went through the proofs which my American editor had sent and incoporated the changes from the UK proofs into those; then I went through them again, looking at the suggested tweaks which the Americans had suggested, and when I approved of them, I then went back through the UK proofs and incorporated the American changes into those. If it sounds complicated, that’s because it is!!! But the great advantage is that I now get the input of TWO editors, which makes life more of a hassle for me, but is brilliant for the book!!!

Speaking of books… I went to get my hair cut today, ahead of my Thin Executioner tour which starts on Thursday. When I realised that the two book shops in central Limerick (Easons and O’Mahonys) both already had copies of the new book on their shelves, I went into both stores and signed as many copies of the book as they had on display. So if you’re in the Limerick area and want to get your hands on a signed copy (I dated most of them too!!) of The Thin Executioner, then act quickly and it CAN be yours!!!!!!


  1. Paul Carroll said,

    Curse my geographical handicap (living in Dublin…)

    I’ll just have to get to the signing on Friday 🙂

  2. Bella Baltierra said,

    awwww man. its times like these when i hate living in the united states!! hehe. but i am lucky that i won that signed copy of hell’s heroes off of your youtube page i guess 😀 first in the US to read it 😀 well i hope your tour is fun and hopefully the volcanoe doesnt mess up your plans anymore. or bas’s for that matter 😀
    cant wait for the thin exicutioner and birth of a killer to hit the US!

  3. Shiku said,

    I already knew I’m living in the wrong country, but now I absolutely hate it! -laugh-
    But at least I don’t have to wait any longer for the english edition of your books to be published in Germany. Bless God, I can speak English. XD

  4. mina said,




  5. Jimmy O'Donoghue said,

    agh I live in limerick but I am snowed under with college work I can’t make it into the city- Hopefully catch ya at the Listowel Writers Week festival though:)

  6. Kathryn Winstanley said,

    Hi, Darren.

    It’s great you finished the final edit of your book, and I am really looking forward to reading it. I can’t wait to get paid again so I can buy it!
    I hope that the tour goes well and you have a great time.

    Take care.

    From your huge fan, Kathryn Winstanley.

  7. schmingo said,

    Dude you are an amazing author. I am just about to finish sons of destiny and sadly im sad 😦 it almost seemed like I was part of the story and didn’t want it to end, and since i dont know what happens at the very end i wanted to ask you if you could write stories about what happens after the story. But any way good luck with the mr.crepsley saga. oooh and one more question 😀 will there be a vancha saga or other characters………

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