Permission to kill!!!

April 16, 2010 at 22:49 (1)

I received an amusing email from Anthony Horowitz yesterday. He has a book of short stories coming out later this year, called More Bloody Horowitz. One of the stories in it is called The Man Who Killed Darren Shan!!! It’s his “revenge” for when I based a character on him in one of my books (Wolf Island — the thinly disguised Antoine Horwitzer) and put him through the wringer!! I’d heard about this before, and was tickled pink at the thought of being featured in such a grisly way — but the legal team at his publishers were worried in case I’d get upset and sue, so they asked him to ask me to agree to letting myself be killed off in such a literary fashion!!!! Naturally I had no problem with that, so any AH fans out there can rest assured that I will be getting my gruesome comeuppance at Halloween!! Actually, I had to make a similar request of my own a couple of years ago — when I re-edited Procession of the Dead, I included the name of my first-ever editor, Simon Spanton, as a corpse who gets sliced up in a grisly autopsy scene. It was a fond mention — I only ever include friends or people I respect in my books (the two exceptions to that are a couple of characters who appear in The Thin Executioner, based on a pair of politicians who I definitely have a VERY low opinion of!!!) — but the legal team at HarperCollins asked me to clear it with Simon, as Anthony’s team did in this instance. Who would have thought that killing someone off in a book could be such a troublesome business?!?


  1. Paul Carroll said,

    Was that your non-rhetorical question of the day?

    Killing people off is easy, depending on two factors: one, that they’re fictional, and two, that you don’t care very much for them. If they aren’t fictional, then legalities come in, and if you care for them, then the heart plays its toll. If they aren’t fictional AND you care for them, at the same time, then you may as well be writing your own death.

    Better remember not to murder a celebrity in my own writing….

  2. Bella Baltierra said,

    hehe thats funny Master Shan. i dont think i will read that story though since you’re my idol and the though of you being killed in a grissly way XD thats funny though. i didnt know little antoine horwitzer in wolf island was based on a real person! i love him! hes one of my favorite people in the Demonata hehe rock on Master Shan!!

    • wurdaanch said,

      Don’t worry he doesn’t actually die and it’s a funny read.

  3. Bella Baltierra said,


  4. Stephanie said,

    thats so grusome and awsome at the same time 😀 but thats so cool i myself did thats except my book was not published 😦 the actor that i choose was robert pattinson from twilight and the story is about how a normal girl falls in love with a celeb and roberts charater though just like you guys did i changed the name and it was thomas (his middle name) and the last name to patterson so nobody knows its him 😀 though its funny because i gave it to a teacher to read and i think he cracked my code cuz hesaid oh maybe in the future you should put the next big celeberty in it so yeah ive ben in that exact spot darren 😀

  5. Robert said,

    oh ~~~!
    it was interesting !

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