Terrible title!!

April 12, 2010 at 22:38 (1)

Spent Saturday with my brother, Declan, who was moving to a new flat, and then with my uncle Derek and his boys. A nice, relaxed day. On Sunday I went to Wembley for the FA Cup semi-final — Spurs were playing Portsmouth, who are bottom of the league, already relegated, and bankrupt. It should have been an easy victory, but I had a bad feeling ahead of the game, and it was borne out when we lost 2-0. A gutter of a game!!!

Today I went in to HarperCollins to sign a thousand copies of The Thin Executioner. They’ll be going to independent book stores throughout the UK (maybe Ireland too, I’m not sure) in May, so keep an eye out for them in case you don’t live near any of the places where I’m touring. (For full tour schedule, check out the Shanville Monthly on my web site.) After that I went to see How to Train your Dragon at the IMAX. It’s a smart, exciting, touching, funny little gem of a film, one of the best family flicks I’ve seen in ages — but what a terrible title!!!! I wouldn’t have even thought of going to see it, except I was thinking of taking some of my cousins and I was checking out reviews of kid-friendly fare. With a title like that, you expect a silly, throwaway flick, something that might have starred Leslie Nielsen 10 or 20 years ago, or a 1960s Disney piece of nonsense. Anyway, if you want a nice, escapist piece of warm-hearted fun, ignore the woebegotten title and go check it out — it’s top-notch!!!


  1. Daniel said,

    Hey Darren, my name is Daniel, from mexico, i sent you an email last week i hope you read it.
    Also, i am about to finish Dark Calling again, and every time i read one of you book it is as exciting as the first time.


  2. Shiku said,

    You all have quite cool names, you know?

    It’s really too bad I don’t live in the UK or near … but I can’t help it (:
    The film you saw is nice, absolutely. In Germany we have a quite strange name too. Translated it would be something like “dragon taming easy made”. But who cares the title? I went there, because I saw the trailer and fell in love with the dragons! -laugh-

  3. Paul Carroll said,

    I saw that last night; fantastic film! Humour, dragons, and the voice of Gerard Butler! (my friend Ciaran is obsessed with him…the enthusiasm seems to rub off quite easily!)

    I agree though, silly title.

  4. Stephanie said,

    Hey Mr.Shan i just wanted to mention that thats not the only movie with a terrible title i mean look back at the movies like Milk or i cant think of many but just know that thats not the only movie with terrible names πŸ™‚ oh and yet i havent seen that movie

  5. Miku said,

    I totally agree on How To Train Your Dragon! The title did me go a bit uncertain, but after I saw it I was skillin down the street in delight! I very much want a Night Fury now… The sound it makes when it spits fire; brilliant!

  6. Miku said,

    Skipping*! Oh, and I didn’t actually realise it was Gerard Butler’s voice until the credits… But I kept hearing that voice yell “THIS IS SPARTA!!” in the back of my mind!

  7. Bee Humphrey said,

    Why don’t you come to Swansea? Or Cardiff?…. anywhere in Wales :DI know loads of people who would come to see you!

  8. James Thomas (: said,

    Heyy Darren, Yeahh, I agree. That films pretty damn good, but the name is rubbish. I went to see it with my girlfriend, but I didn’t want to see the film; It was her idea to watch it.
    Anyway, I’m glad I did see it, because it turned out to be great! πŸ˜€

    Also, in your tours of the UK, will you be coming near a places like:
    -Merry Hill
    Any of them? Because, I live fairly close to all of them, and would love to have book-signings and everything….
    My High School (Ridgewood High School) had some kind of book-signing/meeting with you last year, but, unfourtunately, I was ill, and couldn’t afford to come anyway, because I was having my entire house re-decorated. 😦

    It’d be great to hear back from youu.

  9. hadeel sharaf said,

    Hello there,

    I was never a book worm in my wole life, but you’ve made me, and it all began with The Cirque Du Freak which I read no less than five times, it was amazing, a great piece of work and you really deserve a trophy on it.( but the movie was a shock !! not how i pictured it, sorry )

    I simply adore you…you’ve changed something in me, I read your books non-stop, its like drugs and im addicted to it madly…this is my second time finishing “the demonata”, and for the second time I feel satisfied & happy, thought I cried that this is really THE END..I still want more of Grubbs, Kernel, Bec -espically more of Dervish- and the others for sure.

    In bottom line i think that Cirque Du Freak was like your lodestone and The Demonata was your tunnel and i really do hope that The Thin Executioner will be oneο»Ώ of you largest windows ever…
    looking so forward to all that will be coming through your window…i just love to be thrilled by you…
    and oh yeah about the “Birth of a Killer”…book 1 of a whole saga about Larten Crepsley !! OOOH YOU’VE JUST BECOME MY HERO…

    but there is two things i want to ask you about :
    1. why its so hard to find your books here in Jordan? i had to fly to Dubai to buy the last 5 books of the demonata series !!! cause i was going nuts without them, I still dont believe that dady agreed to puy me the ticket !!
    2. I saw in your offical website that you have already came to Jordan, so is there any hope that you will be coming again??

    thank you
    yours, Hadeel Sharaf, Amman, Jordan.

    • Darren Shan said,

      I don’t know why it should be difficult to find my books there. Have you asked your booksellers to order them for you? Or else you should be able to get them on Amazon and have them shipped — cheaper than flying to Dubai!!! I came to Jordan on holiday several years ago, and it inspired much of “The Thin Executioner”. I definitely hope to return again one day, but no plans at the moment.

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