Love? Nay! Valentine? Yay!!

April 9, 2010 at 21:49 (1)

Flew over to London on Thursday and saw Love Never Dies at the theatre. It’s the sequel to Phantom of the Opera, and alas it was as redundant as I imagined it would be. A slow, poorly structured and plotted, lumbering mishmash of a musical. The sets are good, as are the costumes, and the songs are OK — but nothing as catchy as any of the best Phantom tunes. And where the original ticked along nicely, this one just drags. The first half is particularly poor. The second half is better, but very laboured — a character descends into madness at one point for no other reason than to create a “dramatic” finale. I can’t see this one running for 20 years — it will be lucky to make 20 months!!!

Today I went to see I Love You Phillip Morris at the cinema. Good, nothing brilliant, but well acted and watchable. Then tonight, after a visit to my aunt Nora and a filling feed of fish and chips from the Long Lane Fish Shop, I went to see a revival of Shirley Valentine at the lovely Menier Chocolate Factory. I’ve seen the film a few times over the years, but never the play. I was a bit dubious, since it’s a one-hander (only one character), but I needn’t have been — it rolled along nicely and didn’t feel slow or stilted, the way many monologues do. I had a great old time. I also enjoyed a chocolate beer in the interval — yes, chocolate-flavoured beer!!! It sounds disgusting, I know, but was quite tasty — although definitely NOT for children, especially as it was quite strong!!

Theatre, movies, chocolate beer… happy times!!!!


  1. jake smith said,

    ermmmm…i have been working on a set of books. the plot is far fetched, but i have finally sorted it out and am ready to write. it is an extremely ambitious dream of mine to get these written and published, but i am only 16. i have no clue of how to publish a book or what to do if i ever finish these books. is there any chance that you could give me some advice. i would be greatly thankful

    do you know anything about the second darren shan movie

    • Stephanie said,

      oh thats a good question Jake i would definatly want to know that too.:)

    • Paul Carroll said,

      Not sure you’ll get a response here, I’m afraid. Use the contact form on his website; if he can give you advice, that’s where you’ll get it from. Of course, his response is the same in most cases: just write.

      Having been writing for a few years myself, I can tell you not to think about how you’re going to get published until you’ve written something in the first place. That includes editing it. The path is painful (at the editing stage) but when you finish, I can guarantee you’ll feel great about yourself. But you can’t consider how to get published until you’re absolutely ready. By all means have the goal be to get published, but write the book(s) for you, first. Then, when you’re ready, get yourself a copy of The Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook: all the extra info you need is in there.

      Best of luck! ^_^

  2. Stephanie said,

    Of course Mr. Shan your guilty pleasures hehe glad to her you had a good time yeah you posted that yesturday on your myspace status 🙂

  3. Shiku said,

    Sounds like a good day, eh? 🙂
    [Huh, I didn’t know there was a sequel to “Phantom of the Opera”!]

    But … really … hocolate-flavoured beer?
    I really have to start not being surprised anymore! xD

  4. Miley said,

    Kind of an unpredictable day… but this world is full of surprises! Expect the unexpected! But then again, if you’re expecting the unexpected, wouldn’t the expected really be the unexpected?I get confused at my own words…

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