Hard day’s thinking

April 6, 2010 at 20:14 (1)

Spent today playing around with ideas for the later books of my new series. I’ve already written the first five, so you’d think I’d have a good idea of where to go next!! But although I know where I want to end up, the route is still pretty murky, so I’m having to play around with lots of different ideas, explore plot lines, and basically scrabble around in the dirt of my mind in the hope of unearthing story gold!!!! That’s the way it often is with writing — sometimes an entire book will hit you and pretty much write itself, but most of the time you have to dig it out and struggle with it to make it work. I always find it helpful, once I’ve got to a certain stage of the thinking process, to sit down and jot down ideas and possible plots. Things can come together a bit more neatly on the page — it helps your brain to focus. I started out today by jotting down brief outlines for what I thought would be the next 3 or 4 books. But something didn’t feel right. I couldn’t get a sense of flow. Something was missing. By scribbling down those ideas, I came to realise what that was, and was then able to press ahead and start plotting out book 6 in detail. If I hadn’t forced myself to go through the frustrating process of casting out my mental lines into the sea of my subconscious today, I’d still be floundering helplessly, not sure where to turn next. It’s important to remember, if you want to be an author, that we are writers, not thinkers!!! Thinking comes first, obviously, but the key to success in this game is turning thoughts into words. It’s why I often say to beginners, don’t think too much — write!!! You can often tie yourself up in knots by thinking too hard about a story. When you sit down and actually start writing about your thoughts and ideas, you’ll usually find that those knots unkink themselves and the story starts to come together much more easily and cleanly than you ever thought it would.


  1. Stephanie said,

    Gosh Darren dont you work fast man 🙂 um well all you got us syaing is keep on writing and we shansters will keep on loving your books 😀

  2. Mojtaba said,

    You are Right master shan… I can remember I was thinking to much to write good story but I can’t find any good issue, then I decided to begin writing and I did. after that the story came automatically and it became a really nice story!!!!

    It is really interesting!!!

    sometime I think, this story comes from another universe to my mind!!!!

    • nick said,

      i never can write up a decent storie. when i just write it comes out as gibberish. i think i should stick to reading instead.

      • christopher said,

        nick, that is not how you spell story.

      • nick said,

        well sorry chris

  3. elious said,

    thanks, i needed to hear that

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