It could be YOU!!!

March 27, 2010 at 21:50 (1)

Had a nice, relaxing Saturday. We went to the Milk Market in Limerick in the morning, an outdoors market which sells everything from local produce to second-hand drills!! We enjoyed the food stalls more than the drill stalls — I had a delicious hog roast bap, and bought some pies for later (one for today, one for later in the week — I’m not so much of a glutton that I’d eat two pies in the same day!! although, having said that, I DID once eat two kebabs in the same night — I felt so ashamed!!!!!). I say the documentary, Food Inc, on one of my recent flights. It wasn’t handled as tightly as it could have been, but it certainly opened my eyes to certain aspects of the food industry. I’m not going to change my eating habits completely, but I am going to try to be a bit better when I can, buy locally sourced foods where possible, support local farmers and sellers. On our way out we visited Kenny and my grandparents, then went for a nice walk at home. Later I watched the film 2012 — very noisy and silly, but entertaining enough if you just want to park your brain at the start and enjoy the catastrophes!!!

Tonight I received the following email from Dani in Mexico:

I have to say the one author whose books i can’t stop reading is you. You describe things in a paragraph with little words but enough so you can picture the image perfectly. Not like others who pass 5 chapters describing and by the end of the description you say: How was it again?? and you have to read it all over again. I haven’t met you but i feel i already know you. Red is definately your favorite colour! You are the best author i know and thats saying something! You started my obsession of books. Before reading cirque du freak and demonata i hated books! but then i read the fantastic 12 books of cirque du freak in 2 months!! And the demonata in 2 and a half! You made me love books and this year (even if we are in march only) i have reada total of 25 books. None as good as yours but all good. But my only objection is that the movie they made based on your first 3 books of cirque du freak was terrible!! The only thing that stayed the same was basically the names. I didn’t like that movie but i promise that when i grow up i will be a director and i will make a movie of all the cirque du freak books. They will be the best 12 movies in the planet!! The demonata are going to be hard but i’ll do my best! thankyou for writing those books and opening my eyes to the literature world! You are the best!

Heh heh — I like Dani’s enthusiasm and determination!! The thing is, he COULD one day end up directing a new version of the movie. ANY fan who fancies going down the path of movie directing could. A lot of fans were angry that I had so little to do with the movie. They wanted me to take control, do it my way, write and direct it. But I’m a writer of books, not a maker of movies. Writers don’t control films of their works — we’re little more than curious bystanders, the same as our fans. Films DO get re-made and re-imagined — look at Lord of the Rings. There was a failed attempt to film the series in the 1970s. For a long time it looked like nobody else would ever try again. But then along came Peter Jackson, a fan with a dream, a fan with a vision, a fan who became a director, a fan who worked hard to put HIS version of the books up on screen and do them full, faithful justice. If YOU weren’t overly enamoured with the movie… if you think that YOU could have done a better job… then don’t moan about it!! Knuckle down, work hard, learn to write and direct movies, and who knows, maybe one day YOU will be in a position to handle a multi-million dollar budget film and do your own version the way you think it should have been done.

But you’d better make haste, or Dani will beat you to it!!!!!


  1. aoibheann said,

    you said you watched 2012
    i was wondering is it any good?

    ive been wanting to watch it forever!!!
    though i never got to see it in the pictures

  2. japanese man said,

    I am Japanese.

    I was allowed to read novel [darenshan] happily.

    Though it gets down to business

    I yearned to the vampire.

    How can I become a vampire?

    I am steeling oneself.

    Moreover, does the vampire exist?

    Please answer seriously.

  3. Stephanie said,

    EXCALTY! Darren has a mean good point about it i liked the movie(especilly Chris Massoglia the teenage boy who played Darren BTW Happy Birthday;) but who knows Dani’s version could be a whole lot better than Paul Weitz did ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Stephanie said,

    Darren has a mean good point about it i liked the movie(especilly Chris Massoglia the teenage boy who played Darren BTW Happy Birthday;) but who knows Dani’s version could be a whole lot better than Paul Weitz did ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Kathryn Winstanley said,

    Hi, Darren.
    I hope you’re doing well. And I’m glad you had fun at the market ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ll be sure to read up on the blog entries I’ve missed lately and catch up on everything I’ve missed!
    Have a great Easter and take care.

    From your very big fan, Kathryn Winstanley.

  6. kasie said,

    Dani had a wonderful point the Cirque Du Freak series was the best series I have ever read and the way you described the vampires and vampaneze it is as if they could live aong us all though they do not . I am hoping to read the Demonata series I have been trying to find the first book of the Demonata series but I cant seem to find it anywhere or i would have probably completed the series by now . the ending book of the Cirque Du Freak series shocked me but i thought it was a wonderful way to end a series. Good luck on future books ! a fan of yours – Kasie

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