Back to work

March 25, 2010 at 19:53 (1)

So, Bas and I flew home on Sunday. We enjoyed our last few days in Dubai. We didn’t do much, just visited Aquaventure every morning, rested from the midday sun, then pottered around in the afternoon, before tucking into a scrumptious meal later on. We stayed at the Atlantis hotel, which was incredibly OTT — it makes the hotels in Las Vegas seem modest!! It was an amazing experience — we had a lovely view looking back over the Palm, which is one of the strangest, most remarkable man-made constructions I’ve ever seen — apparently they levelled a mountain to get the rubble to build it!! The only fly in the ointment was that my legs got sunburnt on the last day, so I had to wear shorts on the flight home! I hate sunburn, and always feel angry at myself when I’m foolish enough not to protect myself properly in the sun — I mean, how difficult can it be to just reapply regularly?!? But I always seem to find a way to catch a few too many rays. At least I didn’t get it on my back and shoulders this time — that’s the worst!!!

Back home, I sorted through my post and emails, got some office work out of the way, and have now started another edit of what will hopefully be my next book for older readers. It’s one that I have high hopes for, assuming I can knock it into shape. I think it’s very close to its finished format — I just have to knock some edges off of it, tighten things up a bit, and I should (fingers crossed!!) be there.

Elsewhere, fervent Shanster Paul Carroll has started a YouTube book club, where viewers are invited to read a book every month and comment on or chat about it. He kicked things off with Skulduggery Pleasant, and is doing Lord Loss next. If you want to check it out, listen to Paul’s reviews and maybe add some of your own, CLICK HERE.

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