Shanmania hits Dubai!!

March 12, 2010 at 15:27 (1)

Blimey — I wasn’t expecting THAT!!! I had my public event in Dubai this Friday. I was hoping for a good crowd, but you never know when you go to a country for the first time. To my delight, I got pretty much a full house — hurrah!!! I’m not sure of the exact numbers — one person said about 300, but it looked like a lot more than that from where I was standing… And it certainly FELT like a lot more afterwards — I was signing for almost 5 hours in total!!! There was a bit of chaos at the start — the organisers hadn’t anticipated such levels of excitement, and the signing line started out as a bit of a free-for all. Luckily Bas was on hand to help sort it out — she’s been to lots of my events over the years and knew how to help the people there get the line into orderly shape. There were some complaints from parents who only wanted me to sign one book per child, but I just turned a deaf ear to them — I always sign every book that every fan brings to an event or signing, and I couldn’t care less about the moaning of parents!!! I see it as sweet revenge for all the many hours they make their children wait around when they’re shopping for clothes!!!!! In the end, the vast majority of fans were happy to wait patiently, and I made as much time for each of them as I could, answering questions while signing, posing for photos, etc. I had a real blast and by the happy faces of those staggering away after their long hours of signing, I think the fans did too!!! Travel snags aside, Dubai has been a riproaring success. Now on to Hong Kong — the show never slows!!!!!

In other news, I’m delighted to see that the two teen stars of Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant, Josh Hutcherson and Chris Massoglia, have both been nominated for Best Actor Of The Year award on the KidsPickFlicks site, an award voted for entirely by children. To learn more about it, and to cast your own vote, CLICK HERE.


  1. amy palacios said,

    Wow thats incredible! Seriously i mean i have a HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGE crush on Chris and im very excited for him and Josh AWSOME they both have my vote in 🙂

  2. Amanda said,

    That’s sweet! I wish I could come to see u and have my books signed. You should really think of comeing to Green Bay Wisconsin once. It’s pretty awsome.., a little chilly sometimes but like all my friends are your fans so I bet there’s a bunch more around here that would come to see you. By the way Chris… Love him. I would love to meet him once.XD. I always wanted to act. It would be awsome!

  3. Sara said,

    I wasn’t expecting that many people there either!
    I was the last person in that line haha! It was great, even if we waited for hours. Thanks for the wonderful time, Darren! And the extracts from The Thin Executioner and The 4 Part Crepsley series were bloody fantastic!
    xx Sara

  4. Yuka said,

    I want you to come to Japan!!!! I really love Darren shan!!!!!

  5. Sophie Z. said,

    When will you be coming to America???

    • Sophie Z. said,

      Oh, and I liked the extract from the Mr. Crepsley series… I was at one of your events in Norway awhile back…

      • Sophie Z. said,

        Or was it the literature festival?

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