A quick one from Dubai

March 11, 2010 at 12:53 (1)

Made it to Dubai safely on Tuesday, though it was touch and go for a while — I was supposed to be picked up, to be driven to the airport, but the car never arrived and another had to be called — I only just made it in time!!! Once on the plane, though, it was all smoothness and comfort — the delights of business class travel!! Extrfa delightful when someone else is footing the bill!!!!! After settling into our hotel, we attended the opening ceremony for the Dubai literary festival. Then I went to do an interview. In the evening we were taken on a walking tour of Old Dubai with lots of other authors. I had great fun chatting with the likes of Garth Nix, Jacqueline Wilson, Roger McGough, Joe Abercrombie and Korky Paul. Today I did my first event, a schools event for 1000 kids — yep, that’s not a typo — a thousand!!! Again, it was almost a tragedy at the start, when my car dropped me in the wrong place — a park instead of the cultural centre where all the kids were!!!! Luckily we were able to get to the proper venue in time and the event went swimmingly. I signed as swiftly as I could for an hour and a half afterwards. My apologies to anyone who was taken away by their school before they could come to have their books signed — that’s always a problem with large groups of mixed schools. But if you can make it to my public event on Friday, be assured that I’ll stay and sign for as long as fans are standing in line — if you have the patience to wait, so do I!!! Right now I’m off to see Alexander McCall Smith, then we’re going to the cinema later to catch Shutter Island — this feels almost too much like a holiday to class as work!!!!!!!! 🙂


  1. Sophie Z. said,

    A thousand kids… jeez, that must’ve been crazy! And you can add on to the crazieness with the whole car thing… heh, sounds fun enough! I guess doing something you love must feel like vacation all the time! Iv’e been to Dubai before, but I didn’t really look around-my dad was on strict business… all I had to do was my guitar and a couple books. Of course NOW I’m back to taking care of my horse, Bandit…. fun? I think not! Have fun on the rest of your tour! 😉

  2. Yuta S. said,

    That must have been tragic. so close to having the whole event going wrong must make you nervous huh? Anyways peace out.
    thanks for the awesome books!

  3. scout.W said,

    I was there at the book signing in dubai! It was awesome! It took me two hours to get there from al ain but it was worth it!The queue was a nightmare though. I started of at the front of the line then my mom called me so I had to get out of the line. Then I waited for TWO HOURS and a half. I can’t even imagine what it must have been like to sign loads of books for 5 whole hours. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip dude! P.s. X dude and Morgan james say hi but I’m not sure if you’ll remember them. Keep writing!

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