February 26, 2010 at 21:02 (1)

Wrote and edited 9 pages to complete the first draft of the latest book!! I was delighted to get it in the bag today, since it means I can now relax and enjoy the weekend! It was extra pleasing because I started a bit later than usual today, and had several other things to deal with. At one point I thought I’d have to finish it after the weekend, but I ploughed on and got there in the end — hurrah!!! First point of order on Saturday will be to see if I can get a copy of The Vampire’s Assistant on Blu-Ray — Universal are sending me a copy, but I’m anxious to check out the extra features, so I don’t want to wait!!!

Discovered a cool new band recently, called Two Door Cinema Club. They’re playing upstairs in Dolans on tuesday and I hope to go check them out live — I always like to go along and support up and coming bands. If you want to have a listen to their catchy tunes, there are plenty of songs on their MySpace page, which you can find by CLICKING HERE.


  1. EWS said,

    Darren, Going to West Ireland at the end of March! Love your books, any place in Dingle, Sligo, Kinsale and Kenmare you recommend! Congrats on bagging the next book, me and my two kids are avid fans. Where is Dolan’s?

    • Darren Shan said,

      The Chart House in Dingle is a fab restaurant — pricey but worth it. Lots of great pubs there — one is half pub and half hardware store!!! Dolans is in Limerick — they have trad sessions every night in the pub.

  2. Alice said,

    Really good band. 😉 Thanks for recomending.
    I’m geting my “Vampire Assistant” in Monday. O Hell, I hate to wait that long!!! I regret that I wasn’t born more patient…

  3. Suicy said,

    Have a nice weekend, Darren 🙂

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