The Hadza clan

February 25, 2010 at 21:06 (1)

Wrote 9 pages of the new book today. I didn’t mind coming in slightly under my daily target, since I’m ahead over the week since the last few days, but also because I’m very close to the end now — I might even wrap it up on Friday, depending on how long the last couple of chapters demand to be. I love being able to finish the first draft of a book in just a couple of weeks!! I’ve written plenty of long books in my time, books which have demanded months of hard work at the first draft stage. It can be demoralising when you’re grinding your way through the middle of a really long book! I’d definitely recommend cutting your teeth on shorter books before committing to one that will number several hundred pages — and not being afraid to return to them any time you feel like you need to recharge your batteries and get a buzz from your writing!!! There’s a great satisfaction from completing a long, intricate story, but I find it’s more fun if you can split a story up into shorter parts. I spent 7 years writing The Saga, and even longer on The Demonata. I see each series as a massive, single book, but because I was able to split it up into easy-to-handle chunks, I didn’t go mad from working on a single storyline for that amount of time!!!

I read a fascinating article about an African hunter gatherer tribe called the Hadza in National Geographic a few days ago. They reminded me a lot of my vampires. I based my vamps on tribes like the Celts, Native Americans, Samurai, and Masai Mara. If I’d known about the Hadza, I’d have drawn from their way of life too. I think it’s wonderful and amazing that there are still tribes like this in the world, living in close harmony with nature, keeping the old ways of mankind alive. I think we’ll lose something important as a people if the last of these ever pass from the face of the planet, as the writer of the article believes they will. Those of us who’ve been brought up with all the gadgest and mod-cons of our techonological wonderworld could probably never cross over into this simpler way of living, and in many ways that’s not a bad thing, as our world of computers and planes and so on has much to recommend it — we do live in an age of wonders, and are lucky to be able to bear witness to mankind’s advances of the last few decades. But it’s nice to dream of being able to escape to a simpler way of life, and to actually have that way of life exist in reality. I know it’s highly unlikely that I’ll ever stop writing and run off to join the Hadza, but hell, it’s great to be able to daydream about it!!!! To read the article about the Hadza, CLICK HERE.

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  1. katie price said,

    the movie was terrible

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