Legs eleven!!

February 25, 2010 at 00:05 (1)

I’ve been nice and busy on the writing front — I wrote 11 pages yesterday and 11 today, which I was very pleased about. It’s always nice to meet your target every day — but even nicer when you surpass it!!!! I should hopefully be finished in another few days — as I’ve said before, each book in this series is quite short, a bit shorter than my Vampire Mountain books. I’m going for short, sharp shocks this time round. Each book is a quick, punchy entry. Depending on how long the series ends up being, and what my publishers think, it might be that we release them quicker than normal, maybe one every 4 months — like we did in the UK with some of The Saga. But that’s a concern for another day. Right now I’m just concerned with laying down the tracks, getting each book into shape, and seeing where the story leads me. I know how the series will end, but I still have a hell of a lot of plotlines to figure out in order to get me there…

On a completely unrelated topic — a friend of mine (hi, cathy!!) sent me a link today which lets you check what was #1 in the UK singles and albums charts on the day that you were born. It’s a really nifty feature, and it’s fascinating to see what was hot the day you popped into this world!! For me it was a Slade song, “Take Me Bak ‘Ome”, which I was very pleased with, given that I’m a fan of the band!! It’s not my favourite song of theirs, but I’d much rather that than something like the Bay City Rollers!!! If you want to find out YOUR #1 tune and album, CLICK HERE.


  1. tyla said,

    that websites pretty cool!!! its funny how i love the spice girls and they were # 1 the day i was born! love your books

  2. Alice said,

    Wow XD #1 for day when I was born was The Outhere Brothers – Boom, Boom, Boom… I’m scared… ^^’

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