The force is with YOU!!!

February 22, 2010 at 21:51 (1)

I had a quiet weekend in the end. I’d planned to go to Limerick on Saturday night to see The Hitchers at Baker Place. The Hitchers are my favourite Limerick band ever. I’ve seen them many times over the years. They broke up quite a few years back, but get together for a reunion gig every Christmas — I’ve missed most of those, though I caught one in Galway a few years ago. For some reason they got back together to do three gigs last week. I’d been looking forward to their Baker Place gig for ages, especially since that’s where I first saw them. Unfortunately the weather has turned again here in Limerick and the frost was back on Saturday night, making the roads unsafe for travel. So, much to my dismay, I had to give them a miss. I’m hoping the reunion will continue and that I have better luck next time…

Back to work on the new book today. I wrote 10 pages, which I was very pleased with, especially as I was tempted to stop at 7. I had some office stuff to deal with today, so I didn’t make as swift progress on the writing front as I normally do. I got to page 7 about the same time that I would normally be getting to page 10. I wanted to stop, especially as I’d come to the end of a chapter, but I forced myself to go on and complete my daily quota. I think that’s essential for any writer — when you write, you work for yourself, and you have to be a son of a b#@ch to work for!!! There are days when you have to force yourself to work, when you have to be tough and not listen to the excuses which you’re trying to fob off on yourself. Every writer knows their comfort zone, the number of pages that they can write on any average day. Whether that’s 20 pages or 10 or 2 or even haf a page is irrelevant. What matters is that you meet your target. If you KNOW you can do a page a day, five days a week, then DO your page every day. It’s very easy to make excuses when you’re working from home — nobody can see and nobody can criticise. But YOU will know if you are slacking, and only a true fool tries to pull the wool over their own eyes!!!

The first rule that must be met for any writer on their road from interested amateur to dedicated professional is to set your goals and then meet them. When you get into the habit of hitting your target every time you site down to write… that’s when you truly start to progress. And if you want to go on writing for years to come and make the most of your ability, it’s something you have to keep on doing, all the way down the line. You need to work hard to become a writer and get on top of your talent, and you need to work almost just as hard to stay there. I know that might sound like a bummer if you’re a young writer who hopes that it will get easier further down the line, and that you’ll be able to coast along in years to come — but the other way of thinking about it is that you hopefully have a lot of time to play with over the course of your life — do you want to spend that time daydreaming and not having anything to show for it, or turning those dreams into stories which you can share with other people and maybe even make a nice living from? Writing is never easy, no matter how many years you put into it, but if you’re a TRUE writer, compelled to get your ideas down on paper, then there’s no better way for you to pass your time, and nothing in this life will give you quite as much satisfaction at being able to churn out the pages even when you’d much rather be lying back, sipping your favourite tipple and watching an episode of your favourite TV show!!!! If you want to write well, you have to work hard. There can be no compromise.


  1. Layne said,

    Hi Darren I really like your books. I think what you are saying in this post is really true, now I’m no writer but this applies to everything in life… even dieting or reading. Also I want to thank you for getting me to look up more on demons and all that kind of stuff. It has opened a whole new world of reading for me not to mention some cool blog posts. If you want to see some of these posts they will be posted on my blog some time next week. It would mean a lot to me if you could tell me what you think about some of my post’s. I’m also going to take your advice and try to write a paragragh in my blog a day.

  2. Sophie Z. said,

    I’ve been writing songs every day for my developing music career… I decided not to quit on my music-I really do think I can go places. I’m really excited because a really busy resturaunt in Fall River wants me to come and play there every Saturday… it’s a small deal, but hey, everyone’s gotta start somewhere!


  3. Miley said,

    Well it’s great that you can push yourself!

  4. Suicy said,

    Thanks for the good smack in the face, Darren 🙂 Yeah.


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