February 16, 2010 at 21:05 (1)

Edited the fourth book of the new series and started writing the fifth today. Only got 6 pages done, but it’s good to have made a start. I hate being inactive on the writing front — the longer I go without working on a first draft of a book, the harder it begins to seem inside my head. Writing is, to a large extent, all about your mentality — no matter how experienced or competent a writer you might be, if you lose confidence, you’re scuppered! The easiest way to work up your confidence, I’ve found, is to keep on writing — as long as you’re doing it, you’re not really thinking about it. It’s a bit like riding a bike — if you just get up and start cycling, you’ll be fine, but if you stop to think about how it’s done, and start analysing what you’ll need to do to make the pedals work and steer it and brake… that way calamity lies!!! Because of the way I work, I spend a lot more time editing than writing new material these days, so it’s common for me to go several months without working on any fresh books. I hate those lulls, because it’s always difficult getting back into the groove when it comes time to create anew again. I’m fine once I sit down and force myself back to the PC, but the anticipation is a killer!!!!

Had an eventful night out on Saturday! Kenny lost sight of me in the nightclub we’d gone to and ended up going home early, thinking that I had left ahead of him. When I realized he was gone, I decided I might as well head home too. But before I headed off into the night, I popped to the toilet. Bas is off in Africa at the moment, researching, and she’d texted me during the night. I’d tried to text her back in the club but I didn’t have a signal. In the loo, I decided to try again, in case I had a signal there. And what did I go and do? Only the classic — dropped my phone into the toilet!!!!! That’s the first time I’ve ever done that — I’m normally extra careful around toilets, having often scoffed at others for making that mistake. But I was a bit merry, not at my sharpest, and that was the end of my phone!! I dried it out back home, to no avail — it was dead as a dodo. That mean — new phone!!! I normally don’t go for anything fancy with phones, but this time I spotted a touch phone and decided to give that a try. The new phone arrived today, and though it’s taken a bit of fiddling with to adjust to, I’m pleased with it so far. Touchscreens are definitely the way to go — a pox on buttons, they’re so 20th century!!!! All I have to do now is make sure I leave it in my pocket any time mother nature calls…


  1. Alex said,

    Heh heh. I haven’t dropped my phone in the toilet yet, plenty of time to make that mistake though…

    I’m very fussy about what phone i buy, i’m the kind of person who wants phone to be a phone and not a phone that isn’t a phone but can phone if it wants to. If i can phone someone with it, then i’ll have it. If the salesperson batters me to death with a 500-page manual telling me what other interesting features it has, i run away.

    I tend to write better when i fancy writing, not when i sit in frong of the computer and demand my fingers to start typing

  2. CLAIRE said,

    these were the best books ive ever read . i cannot tell you how many times i wish they were true!

  3. tyla said,

    lol!!!! my best freind took her 3 year old sister to the bathroom once and her sister droped her phone in the toilet after she used it. The weirdest part is it still works so she uses it. eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.;)

  4. Zoe said,

    My friend almost dropped her phone in the toilet, It slipped out of her hand but luckily it landed on the floor, It was still kind of gross because the floor was real dirty. I mean REALLY DIRTY!!!

  5. Alice said,

    Oh dear…
    Phone in the toilet. I tought that tyhings like that can happen only to me. πŸ˜‰
    Funny thing because part of post I laghed most about is ‘Its like riding a bike…’ My maths teacher keeps telling it to our class and it become kind a ‘classical’ joke.

    Best of luck with new phone ;D

  6. Miley said,

    I haven’t done that yet… Though chances are it’ll eventually happen to everyone… better keepmy phone awayfrom toilets, then… πŸ˜‰

  7. Bob said,

    you are awsome dooooood you need to add oin to your sieries of books

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