My first crubeen!!

February 9, 2010 at 22:07 (1)

Finished editing the second book of the new series today. Just as it started with the stench of burning flesh, so it ended with the stench of burning flesh too. Don’t you just love a nice, strong aroma?!? Speaking of which, today I tasted my first crubeen. For those who don’t know, that’s pronounced crew-been, and it’s pig trotters, i.e. the hooves of a pig!!! Sounds disgusting, I know, but it was actually really tasty!!! Crubeens used to be very popular in Ireland and the UK years ago, with poor people who couldn’t afford more choice cuts of the pig. They’ve largely gone out of fashion, although some restaurants are reviving them and serving them up now as a delicacy!! I got to try them purely by chance — my grandparents have just got a new TV and wanted me to tune it in for them. When I arrived, somebody had given them a present of crubeens and they’d just cooked them. They looked off-putting — you could clearly see the hooves!! — but they were nice once you bit in, not as salty as many other pork products. You chew them like ribs, using your fingers. If you ever get the chance to try them, I highly recommend you give it a go. Just don’t look too closely at what you’re eating, especially if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing!!!! Me, I couldn’t care less about looks — as long as it sets my mouth watering, it could look like a big pile of dog poo and I’d happily tuck in!!!!!


  1. Maria Aleem♥ said,

    Heyy. I am a fan of your books! I just want to tell you your books are amazing! 😀
    I know you dont read ordinart fain comments or mail, but i think this message is from me and from alot of people. Please Make the 13th book about Darren shan in Vampire Paradise and i am talking about the book series Cirque Du freak oh and i am also 14 and me and my friends are hoping for another book we have completed the series.
    i really hope you make a 13th book
    “Even in death may you be triuphent” ☺

  2. Auzeen said,

    :)))))))))))))))) I once tried something like that,it was a sheep though…I didn’t enjoy the look-or the smell!-but it sure tasted good!

  3. jax lees said,

    ummmmm welllll im only 11 but who cares

  4. Suicy said,

    Jugh. I don’t know it I’ll like it. Sounds freaky…

  5. Alice said,

    What a delicious post Master Shan, I’m really impresed 😀
    Just kidding.
    Stench of burning flesh must be rally nice aroma and of course its just my imagination that tells me how tasty pig hooves have to be. 😉

    Well I’m already counting down days till October…. _._
    Can Anobody Speed Up THE TIME! Please ^^’

  6. Miley said,

    Great…. Burning flesh…. Whenever I eat something that looks kind of icky, I always have to close my eyes or else bad things happen… 🙂

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