Vamped out and moving on!!

February 5, 2010 at 22:04 (1)

Finished my final full edit of Birth of a Killer this afternoon. I tore through the book, which is always a good sign at this late stage — if I’ve done my work right in the earlier drafts, by the time I get to this point the book should be pretty much ready to go to print, and I should be able to read it almost as a reader would. I think that’s an important part of the process, because you can pick up on certain things going at a faster pace than you can when going slower. My editor’s notes and suggestions almost all helped tie things up a bit more neatly, which was also a good sign — it helps when you’re in sync with your editor and when both of you are thinking the same way. The new scenes that I wrote back in December (see earlier blog entries) also fitted in seamlessly with the rest of the book, which was a relief. All told, I’ve taken it just about as far as I can, and bar a last-minute polish at the proofs stage, this baby is done and dusted!!! All that remains now is to wait until October and see if you guys like it as much as we do…

Feeling nice and positive after my work on the Mr Crepsley book, I wasn’t quite ready to stop for the day, I started straight into an edit of the first book of what I hope will be my next series after the four Mr C books. I’ve been working on these books for a while now, as regular readers of this blog will know, and though I still have to work out a lot of things (I don’t know yet how many books there will be, or how exactly I’m going to find my way to the ending which I have in mind), I get more and more excited every time I return to them. I plan to edit the first 4 books of the series over the next week, then do a complete first draft of the fifth before I take to the road on tour to Dubai and Hong Kong in March. This was why I had to cancel my planned City of the Snakes tour — it’s been several months since I wrote a new book, and I was getting itchy!!! While I love editing the most, first drafts are the life-blood of any writer’s lot — without a first draft in the bag, you have nothing to edit!!! While I’ve been editing more than ever over the last few years, I haven’t been completing as many first drafts as I would have liked. Over the course of January, as I started plannin gout my year, I realised that if I didn’t knuckle down and do a first draft of a book in February, it would be April before I could complete them, and that was too far away for my liking!! this way, hopefully I’ll be able to do a second book in April, rather than just starting in on my first a quarter of the way through the year!!!! Sometimes you get a feeling that tell you you have to start writing NOW, no hanging about or making excuses!! When that voice speaks, you better damn well listen, because it usually knows what it’s talking about and you defy it at your peril…

As well as beavering away busily on the books, I’ve also been answering lots of fan mail over the last few nights. I’ve eaten away through most of the pile which had built up recently, though there’s still quite a few to go, and I’m sure Pablo has lots more waiting for me. The never-ending pile of fan mail… the greatest blessing and greatest curse of any successful writer’s career!!!!


  1. jax lees said,

    id love you to cocme to melbourne victoria australia

  2. Auzeen said,

    I’ve been thinkin about sending you another letter,but I’d better wait ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚
    Cheers,from Canada

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