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February 3, 2010 at 23:24 (1)

Flew back home to Ireland on Tuesday. Sorted through my emails and post, and started unpacking my bag, which took up a lot of the day. Also managed to write up the February issue of the Shanville Monthly, with all the latest news. Then, following a good night’s sleep, I started my final full edit of Birth of a Killer, the first Mr Crepsley book. My editor has gone through it and made a round of suggestions and changes, nothing too major, just little tweaks which will make it a bit neater. This is the last chance I will have to properly tinker with it — I’ll get one more pass when it goes to the proofs stage, but at that point the opportunities to make changes are limited. So if there’s anything big that I want to change, this is my final chance!!! Fortunately, there isn’t anything drastic to be done, just little nips here and there, fine-tuning some of the characters and lines. Another few days and it should all be over and done with, bar the proofs stage — 3 years of hard work complete at last and ready to present to the world. Nice!!!


  1. Alex said,

    Good blog, i bet it’s nice to be working on your books again.

    That being said, all you seem to be doing lately is finishing up several years work. Have you been working on any new ideas, started any first drafts lately? I know you don’t like to talk about future projects, but it’s nice to know your thinking of/writing new things.

    I look forward to your next Blog entry, and hope it shall be soon.

  2. Zoe said,

    Hey Darren
    My friends and I are looking forward to reading the first Mr. Crepsley books. I also look forward to reading the third book in The City series!

  3. Stefanie said,

    My best friend is completely in love with Mr. Crepsley, I know she’s going to love a whole book dedicated to him.

  4. rianne said,


  5. irisxaven said,

    😀 Ha! Can’t wait Mr. Crepsley was one of my favorite characters!

  6. Miley said,

    Mr.Crepsley is my favorite charcter! Can’t wait!

  7. Marife Caparó said,

    I cannot wait until they go out…
    Do you think that you can find some way of doing that the books come fast to Latinamerica ???
    *Sorry if there is any mistake in the writing I’m don’t write to much in English you’re for school…

  8. Alice said,

    Welcome back master Shan!
    I see that a lot have chenged from time when I visit last time.
    I can’t wait till May! Well I’m trying not to thing about hw much time is there left till October. Mr. Crepsley books. You have to read minds!

    By the way…

    I have really important question. DID ANYBODY ELSE SPOT SIMILARITY BETWEEN ‘LORD OF THE SHADOWS’ 2nd edition COVER AND AVATAR MOVIE POSTERS? I think it’s well…. unusual.

    • Zoe said,

      WOW! You are so right Alice, It’s as if they copied the idea from ‘Master Shan’!
      CREEPY!! 😉

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