From Brussels to Jerusalem

February 2, 2010 at 00:19 (1)

Went to Brussels on the Eurostar on Friday with a group of friends, to celebrate my mate Dave turning 40. It’s so easy to get to these days — from the centre of London to the centre of Brussels in 2 hours 5 minutes — incredible!!! We had a fab day on Friday, lots of chat and drinking and singing and dancing. Suffered a bit on Saturday, but not as badly as I feared, though it was hard to work up the energy for much later on in the day. When you get to our age it’s hard to be the party animals that 20 and even 30 year olds can be!!! If you’re into partying big-style, my advice is to do it when you can, because when you start closing in on the big 4-0 you might find you aren’t able to…

Returned to London on Sunday and watched an enjoyable film called The Wackness in my flat. Had a nice long bath after that — the perfect way to ease out all the tensions after a weekend away. On Monday I went to see Precious at the cinema — powerful stuff. Then tonight I went to see a newish play called Jerusalem, starring the incomparable Mark Rylance. I’ve said before on this blog that I think he’s the best stage actor at work in the UK at the moment, certainly of his generation, and this play reinforces that opinion. It wasn’t my favourite play ever (very good, extremely well written and observed, but a little bit longer than necessary), but Rylance was captivating in it, dominating the stage for every single minute without ever seeming to do very much. It was a very OTT role, one which most other actors would have made a flamboyant, theatrical mess of, but he managed to do it in a very human, intimate way. The bees knees of theatre!!!!

Right — I’m of to beddy-byes for an early night, because I’m up first thing in the morning to fly back home. The holiday is over — time to return to work, and February should be a very busy month for me on the writing front if all goes according to plan. I’m itching to crack on!!!!!!


  1. Rebecca said,

    I just want to ask ”How could you wrote those book?It’s great!”After I read ”Cirque du freak”,then I love The saga of Darren Shan!Those 12 book!I was trying to bought all your books.But my mun said that it was too expensie!I felt so sad.Then in the next day,I borrowed it from the public libary one by one.
    Now,I read all the saga of Darren Shan(1~12)!I feel happy!I also read the new books from you,too!Thats was great!
    Maybe some grammars are wrong in my comment.Because I live in Hong Kong so I am a Chinese.Have you ever been to China?I think China is quite big!I have been to London before,the Big Ben is tall!
    I hope you wounld never stop your writing after The saga of Darren Shan and a story about Lord Loss.Have a nice day!

  2. michelle said,

    dude u’ve got to tell me whose the arthour is.if it is JK.Rowling..i’m so shocked..coz she wrote the harry potter book..i’m not sure so help me out..

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