Ice, ice, baby!!!

January 5, 2010 at 23:28 (1)

Went to see Spurs play Peterboro in the F A Cup on Saturday. An easy 4-0 win in the end, though they put up a good fight for a team from a lower division. I was there with my uncle Derek. We used to go to Spurs with a nice group of lads, but most of them don’t come as much as they once did — some have stopped coming completely — because of family commitments mostly. A shame, as I used to love those long match days when we’d start early and carry on late. But I guess you can’t stop guys from getting older and growing up…

On Sunday Bas and I flew home to Ireland. We had been away for 3 weeks, during which the region had suffered its coldest and most sustained bout of bad weather in more than 40 years. I had set the timer on our heating system before I left — or so I thought!! But when we stepped inside and found the house was as cold as a freezer, it soon became clear that I had failed to properly set the timer up, and the house had been without heat all throughout the cold spell!!!! We put it on at full blast for 6 hours, but the house was still cold as an Eskimo’s nose by the time we went to bed, so we ended up sleeping on a pull-out bed in our kitchen, the warmest room in the house. Bas still hasn’t stopped nagging me about that one!!!!

On Monday I caught up with post and some other odds and sods, then we went to do some shopping. The house was warmer by night-time, though our bedroom was still freezing — it’s the coldest room in the house — and when we woke up on Tuesday morning, we found that the boiler hadn’t started, so we got up to a cold house again!!!! But it was nowhere near as cold as it had been on Sunday, and I even managed to have a shower — hurrah!! We went for a walk too — it was lovely, our regular walk, but everywhere was icy and it even snowed a bit while we were walking. It’s always nice to view familiar sights from an unfamiliar perspective. I spent the afternoon trying to improve the insulation in our bedroom, hanging up a spare set of curtains, and also finding a way to block up an open en suite door with another pair of curtains and a spare curtain rod which I was able to jam in behind a shower pole!!! Necessity might well be the mother of invention, but Shan’s the daddy!!!!!!


  1. Paul Carroll said,

    No heating on for three weeks! Blimey! At least it’s saved you money on the heating bill!

    I recommend warm drinks and several layers (even indoors) to stay warm. Don’t want our favourite children’s author getting sick! ^_^

  2. Mara said,

    my friend miley has gotten the chills also. she refused to put a jacket on outside (pfft, teachers!) just kidding. Well, i hope you get warm soon, Miley’s been reading your books a lot while she’s sick. (and again i say pffft teachers!) see ya darren!

  3. Miley said,

    I would watch my friend Mara there Darren, I don’tthink she’s quite right in the head! Just kidding, Mara, just kidding. Stay warm, drink some hot chocolate or hot cider or do something else or you’ll get sick! I’ve learned the hard way! Stay cool Darren! (You know what I mean!) 😀

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