Wolfen wedding

December 29, 2009 at 21:54 (1)

Got back to London safely on Sunday, and to our delight it was quite warm when we arrived — a nice 7 degres celsius!! We unpacked, caught up with some TV shows which we had recorded (I loved the Royle Family special this year), then had an early night. On Monday we went to a wedding — a friend of Bas’s, called Jess, was getting married. It was a nice, hassle-free day — the ceremony went smoothly, the food was good, the venue was nice, and much dancing was done!!! I didn’t drink too much either, having suffered greatly at the last wedding I’d been to, though I did have a bit of an upset stomach late in the night — I think I picked up a little bug from Bas, who suffered from a similar complain in Sharm. I laughed at her out there — I’m not much of a one for sympathy — but I felt very sorry for myself when it was MY turn to hog the toilet!!!!

Today we returned to London and went to see Nation at the National Theatre. Adapted from the Terry Pratchett book, it was an intriguing but not altogether successful tale of culture clashes on an island in the 19th century in the wake of a tsunami. As always with productions at the National, it was brilliantly acted and the sets and costumes were first-rate — it just didn’t draw me in as deeply as I hoped it would. After that, we went to see the wonderful short film, Peter And The Wolf, at the Royal Festival Hall. A stop-motion film, made in Poland a few years ago, I’d seen it on TV before and loved it. This time it was presented on a large screen, with live music by the Philharmonia Orchestra. There was a short piece of live action before and after it which didn’t add much to the proceedings, although it went down well with the younger audience members, but the film (which won an Oscar) is a sheer treat, dark and yet uplifting. If you ever get a chance to watch it, do yourself a favour and give it a go — I suspect you’ll fall in love with it as I did.


  1. Miley said,

    I love peter and the wolf. The music describes the animals well and it’s always nice to see the wolf spit out the duck! Tell your friend Bas to say congratulations to Jess for me!!! 🙂

  2. Ivor Bolton said,

    Welcome back, Darren & Bas !
    Have a lovely New Year’s Eve Day – ready for a great celebration tomorrow night !
    …And keep off those square pies if you have a funny tummy !!!

  3. Robbie said,

    Glad you enjoyed the wedding and the performances. Please keep up what I view as good work by writing more soon please!!!

  4. aoibheann said,

    good to know that you were sick
    ahaha hope you get better!

  5. Reshteen said,

    good luck mr.vampier

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