Greetings from sunny Sinai!!

December 21, 2009 at 16:45 (1)

Bas and I flew to Sinai on Saturday night, arriving very early Sunday morning. The flight was perfectly on time, and we positioned ourselves on the plane so that we could get through security swiftly, thus avoiding the long line that often builds. We were feeling quite smug when we were among the first people to get to the luggage belt, but pride, as they say, often comes before a fall — in this case, Bas’s luggage failed to fall off of the belt!!! It had gone missing in transit, which meant we had to wait for every single bag to come off, then go to try and sort it out with the airport staff!! They were very helpful, but the bag never materialised, which didn’t make for the best ever start to a holiday!! Anyway, we went to our hotel, which is lovely, and spent the next few hours sleeping. We rose in the afternoon, went for a bit to eat and dip in the ocean and hotel swimming pool. Then we went in to Naama Bay to try and find a few bits and pieces for Bas to wear over the next few days (it will be Tuesday at the earliest before her case arrives). This proved far more difficult than we thought it would be, but eventually we managed to find a couple of shops which had what she wanted, so we were able to enjoy our dinner, explore the area a bit more, then come back for bed.

This morning we slept in late, then had a yummy breakfast and went for another dip. We also did a small bit of snorkelling next to our hotel — not a great area for it, but we saw some fabulous fish regardless. In the afternoon we went quad biking, which was fun but not as much fun as I remember. I came to Sharm on my first ever foreign holiday 10 years ago, and one of my fondest memories was of quad biking. I recalled us tearing through the desert at top speed, sailing over dunes, our guide stopping to tell us about the desert and the country’s history, etc. Today we just joined a convoy of bikes and made our fairly slow way around a well worn route. The scenery was spectacular (I absolutely LOVE deserts), but because of the way we were organised it felt overly commercialised. This often happens in areas which become more popular with tourists, so I guess I can’t complain too much, but still, I regretted not being able to open up and get away from the tourist track a bit more… The price of progress, I suppose.


  1. Miley said,

    Sounds fun!!! Sorry about the luggage… but It is good that you are having a great time… I prefer plains rather than deserts, but deserts are very interesting! Have fun, and keep writing!!!

  2. Rachel said,

    Sounds good!
    I like deserts,they;re very interesting
    have a good time!

  3. Robbie said,

    Good blog methinks Darren Shan! Glad you seem to be enjoying your holiday. Please keep up what I view as good work by writing more soon please.

  4. Miruna said,

    Have fun!!! Its great readin’ about you, keep up!!

  5. Sarah McGovern said,

    Have a great time on you holiday Darren.

    Myself and my parents have a fear of one of our bags going missing, so whenever we fly anywhere, we pack some of each others clothes in each others bags, so that if one of our bags happens to go missing then we’re all ok until it turns up.

    Merry Christmas to you both and a Happy New Year too ^_^

  6. Miley said,

    I guess you won’t be having much snow, huh? Merry Christmas!

  7. Alice (not in chains!) said,

    Wow…. I love desters! I always wanted to visit one! Can we swap places master Shan? 😉 I’m in snowy Poland now and I’m FREEZING! Belive me snow is fun but not for long.

    Bad luck with the luggage.
    Anyway I don’t understand how can you spend most of your holiday SLEEPING! Just kidding.

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