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December 18, 2009 at 21:58 (1)

Answered my final batch of fan mail this morning, and put it in the post this afternoon — I can do no more than that!!! So I have now replied to everything I received by December 9th — anything that came to me after that will have to wait until the new year.

Went to see A Serious Man, the new Coen Brothers film, yesterday. VERY strange, even by their standards!!! I mean, it wasn’t a weird or overly complex plot — it was just made in a very quirky way. Hard to describe. I came out scratching my head afterwards. I liked it a lot, though I can’t quite say why… Also saw Me And Orson Welles, which was fun. Welles was a true cinematic genius (and theatrical genius too), though he only made 3 real classics in my opinion — Citizen Kane, The Magnificent Ambersons and Touch of Evil. Everything else was seriously flawed for a variety of reasons, some his own fault, many the result of studio interference — although even his messiest films were fascinating on one level or another. As a person, though, he stands out as one of the most interesting directors ever, so I’m always curious to see films about him, and this was a nice addition to the canon.

Today I saw Law Abiding Citizen, which promised more than it ultimately delivered, though it was intriguing throughout. And now I’m off to finish packing for a short holiday in Sharm El Sheikh — weather permitting!! Southern England has been hit by bad snow over the last couple of days, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that our flight doesn’t get affected by the weather…


  1. Miley said,

    Today, I read the first half of “Cirque Du Freak” to the kids at school, they don’t normally like reading, but they paid attention to every word I said- and even asked for more!!! I love the series and I kbew they would too. An amazing feat Darren! Good luck with the weather and your well deserved trip!

    Love, Miley and the kids at NES

  2. Miruna said,

    Hiya! I cannot wait ’till your new book! You rock!!! I love your books. I’ll really write to you, soon, when I have time (homework….).
    I dunno why I’m commetin’ ‘ere (boredome) (or because I love your books), but I did and oh well…
    Have fun on your trip and Merry Christmas (if you celebrate)

    P.S: No, I ain’t stalkin’ you (like some people are sayin’ *coughs* my best friend *coughs*).

  3. Lois McConnachie said,

    Hey Darren.
    I know you might not reply but im writing this story and i need an opinion on it, i am a big fan of your books n i hope one day ill write as good as you however i dont know whether i should continue to write because i dont know if it is good. Please reply when you can xx im only 14 and want to be a great writer. xx Lois.

    The List.

    The street was lit by the pale, ghostly moonlight. A man covered up in a long trench coat and hat hurried inside out of the cold. The door slammed behind him, he shook of the snow where he was met by his maid who took the jacket and hung it on the coat stand. The maid hurried into the sitting room along with a tray of hot tea and biscuits. The man ate quietly, pondering about the recent events that had occurred in the past week. He picked up the newspaper that had been placed of the table next to his favourite chair by his maid. He was an old man now and he wished he could retire gracefully but unfortunately for him he had hours to live. He put his hand into his trouser pocket and produced a gold watch, it ticked slowly but like its owner it wouldn’t see another day. For this watch was someone’s ticket to a dark place.

    The man closed his eyes and waited, he was front page in the news the next day for he had been murdered.

    The world woke to headlines concerning the richest man in the world, he had been murdered in his home in France but for Damian Strong it was just another day at the company. He drove to work like normal stopped off at his local café like normal for coffee, signed into work like normal however everything was not normal, the world had been in shock since the news that Christano el Piere had been killed. He was most known as the richest man in the world, he ran most of the record industry, has sold more than a billion realastates and he also managed twenty restaurants in Paris alone. Everyone knew the man, he was often a house hold name until his sales dropped nearly 30% and taxes increased. Damian Strong had always admired Christano for his hard work and leader ship although he considered no one alive needed that much money to be happy.
    Damian passed the receptionist Julia and made his way to his office on the second floor.

    He opened the glass door carefully because last week, one of the new recruits walked into and shattered, it had to be replaced and so did the recruit for dropping a latte over their new super computer 3000. It must have been a bad week for the new recruit Damian thought, Damian knew fine well that new recruit had been having a case of bad luck when he was walking out of the building just been fired and got hit by an ambulance. He was now in hospital sucking through and straw and on an drip, Damian sent his assistant to the hospital with flowers and a card from the company. Damian was not the boss of the firm but was called to many meeting to discuss what there clients wanted, the stock and statistics. His Boss Richard Johnson told him he was in the company to look pretty and make sure the team were doing their job.

    Which to Damian wasn’t too much trouble, he was single. No family. But he did occasionally like to go clubbing with his work colleague and dear friend James Renolds who wasn’t very bright, quite attractive and very crazy. Damian however was different, he knew what was going inside his and was very handsome, he had both looks and charm. He was quick witted and fast on his feet to grab an opportunity, he also went bowling with his Grandma on Tuesdays.

    Damian sat down at his desk, switched his computer on and logged on, he started to check to emails he had received from someone called ‘19.08′. He doubled clicked it and the email opened. It read.

    Dear Mr Strong,
    I am writing to inform you that you must delete this email and the file attached once read. This is of grave importance,you must realise this and you must tell no one or you will suffer the consequences, please I beg of you to try and recover what has been stolen, when you read this I might be…Dead. So you must take great care in the road ahead or this might be last thing you see. I have done all i can to protect you and the others but you must know that this is your responsibility now, save as many as you can. The time and the dates are within this file, good luck to you sir. Have your wits about you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Damian looked at the screen, turned away then looked back. For once he was speechless, he took a deep breathe and opened the attached file. He turned around but it was too late someone knocked him unconscious.
    Damian’s head felt bad worse than any hangover. The dark candle lit room he was in was spinning fast. He closed his eyes and counted to ten, too many thoughts were whizzing around in his head. Like where am I? Who hit me? Why is this happening?
    A door to the dark room opened a filled it with a dim light, Damian’s

    heart was racing in his chest as fast a race horse, he was sweating, moving slow trying to stand up without falling over. Damian walked into the light.

    Someone slammed him into the wall, Damian’s head was now bleeding even more. He saw the person who had kidnapped him for the first time and now Damian wished he hadn’t…Scars ran down the man’s face, he was a huge and muscular with a shaved head, his skin paper white with eyes that looked almost fiery red. He launched Damian on to a metal table and kept him there until he tied him. The light shined in Damian’s eyes almost made him blind, the ropes holding him were hurting, he felt tired and he wanted all of this to be over. The table tilted upright almost as if it was a dentists chair then she walked in.

    A tall, slim lady strutted in the room wearing a light pink blouse and a black pencil skirt with a small pair of black heels. Her long brunette hair bounced as she moved just by looking at her Damian knew she was from Mexico, she was beautiful, stunning even. But unfortunately for Damian her grace disappeared and her face became stern and almost scary. Finally she broke the silence. “Where is it!” She ordered, digging her pink painted nails into his flesh. Her now stained red with blood, she wiped it on her chest and shouted it again, he shouted at her back “I don’t have anything” that was the wrong answer, she pressed a button on the wall,d the table pulsed then sent out a shock. They laughed and screamed. And once again he blacked out.

    When he woke he was in his apartment, his TV flickered to life the news reporter was speaking about Christano el Piere, he died yesterday at 19.08…Damian freaked he knew who sent the email, someone who murdered Christano el Piere. He had get work before they did or was it too late?

    Damian ran to the door and grabbed his keys off the hook, sprinted down many of the flights of stairs and buzzed himself through the gates. He stopped at his car fumbled with the keys then sped off hoping that they hadn’t got there yet, for all he knew was that this is a dangerous game to be in. He prayed quickly as he was driving then when he got there he hopped out of his car, went through the main entrance of his work, he reached his receptionist Julia at her desk and managed to blurt out a few words. “Julia, has anyone been in my office?” He was choking, he thought times up, its over now. She replied quickly trying not to stutter.
    “Only the inspectors, Mr Strong” He panicked.

    “What inspectors, we have no appointments!” He could hear her breathing fasten. He wanted to throw up or to be put out his misery but they had bigger plans for him now.
    “They had badges and they said they wanted to see your office and I didn’t know what to do sir.”
    She mumbled as if being told off by the headmaster. But by the time she had finished her sentence, he was gone sprinting to his office running up the stairs out of breathe but he had to keep going. He didn’t care about the door, he just swung it open. Damian raced to his computer, turned it on and searched for the email, he found it and clicked. He looked at the top of the screen. Number of times opened – 1. He sighed out of relief. Damian opened the attached file and at the top of the document, it was titled The List. He scanned the contents and cursed.
    “Oh shit!”

    Damian sat down, his knees were wobbling. For this is what the document said.

    The List.

    Mr Strong,

    This is far more important than the email, you must guard this with your own life if needs be. I did. It took so many of my men, it took so many lives. They will not let you have this without a fight – some will fight with you, some against you. You have to know who to trust or they will suffer because of your actions. These people on this list are random people from all over the world, you have to find them and save as many as you can. Below are the times and the dates of when they are going to die.

    Do not fail. It’s up to you now.

    Yours sincerely,


    Christano el Piere 13th December 19.08

    Kaiden Louise Williams 1st January 2.30

    Pablo Prinkard 10th February 16.15

    Michael Le Covac 5th July 17.55

    Lola Hazel Banderaz 16th August 10.00

    Elizabeth Alexandra Mary ll 21st April 21.00

    Simira Taki 23rd September 00.00

    Damian studied the page with the list of names on it, he was gob smacked whoever sent him this information… Hold on 19.08? He scanned up the page. He checked the times of which they had died. Christano el Piere – 13th December – 19.08. Christano el Piere was 19.08! Damian checked then checked again, it dawned on him that Christano’s dying wish was for the people on that list to saved. Damian knew deep inside he had to help and he also knew he needed a lot of money for plane tickets.

    Damian clicked onto the internet and typed in ‘Kaiden Louise Williams’ into a search engine, there were 1000,808 results.

    He clicked onto one of the many results, it just happened to be an official website to…A chat show ? It turned out to be that Kaiden Louise Williams was in fact an American chat show host in the talk show called “Kaiden’s Verdict”.

    There were photo’s of her and video’s of some of the people on the show trying to sort their marriage, deaths, family problems, child care and many more. Kaiden Williams had been voted best talk show host 3 years running and she was only 27 years old. She graduated at Harvard University at 24 years old. She also did an article on Hurst Hall, department of biology and environmental studies at fifteen. She was born in Arizona but then moved to New York, Texas, Chicago, Kentucky, North Carolina then finally Los Angeles where she started her talk show and where she lives with her husband and two children.

    Damian exited the site then logged onto one of the company’s highly used software, it is just like a search engine however you just type in the persons name you are looking for and it tell you information and how to find them. Damian smiled because he was was one of the few people who had access to this technology, this was going to make his job so much easier.

    He typed in his password then typed in ‘Kaiden Louise Williams’. It took a few moments to load and then the address came up.

    Kaiden Louise Williams

    Florence Ave,

    Los Angeles

    DCU 16X

    Just off Rives Ave, great just down the road from my parents Damian thought. The phone rung. Damian stared at it. “Should I pick it up?” He said to himself, it kept ringing. He picked it up. “Hello?” He said calmly but in his head he was terrified.

    “Yes, Is Damian Strong there please?” It was a lady’s voice, she sounded kind of annoyed. Damian had to think quick. “I’m terribly sorry, he just went out. Can I take a message perhaps?” Silence.

    “Uhhh. No thanks I can phone him another time” her voice sounding strained. “Well goodnight.” Damian said, there was no reply and the phone was hung up.

    Damian left the office around two after getting flight’s sorted, he was going to stay with his parents for the week and go and see Kaiden to find out what she knew. He was tired when he got up in the morning, he rang work to tell them he was taking a vacation which was surprising to them because he hadn’t taken a vacation in the two years he had worked there. He left just after ten, he stopped off at the café for a coffee as usual and fry up, he hadn’t managed to make breakfast because of his late night and to be honest he wanted a lie in. The sweet aroma from his cappuccino made his mouth water, it tasted good even better with fresh cream. He listened to the noises in the café, business was slow even though the café was just off the free way, many truckers or family stop in but no big crowds. They do pretty good food and there is a great atmosphere if only Christano had built this place everyone would be in, trying to reserve a table. What happened to Christano was sad but so many businesses go bankrupt every year. Too late now though Damian thought. He dead and I’m stuck in his mess. He checked his gold watch, his grandfather had given it to before he had died, Damian was only little when he had died so he never got to know him. A few words were inscribed on the back but they were in some sort of language he couldn’t understand. Damian changed the batteries before going out but the watch was ticking slowly almost dying. He sipped at his coffee then went to catch the plane to Los Angeles.

    When he finally got on the plane, he placed the headphones in his ears and started dozing off. Turbulence woke him from a calm sleep. No one was on the plane. It was about to crash, he quickly looked out of the small round window, it was gonna hit the ground any minute…He coughed, it was just a dream. Just a dream. He had never been a flyer since he was about six when he wandered around on the plane and got stuck in the toilets, Damian wiped the sweat of his brow and slurped on his orange juice. The person sat next to him was a tall man, he looked kind of clumsy due to the size of his feet and hands. He had slicked back hair and was wearing a black designer suit with cuff-links,black tie and a gold watch that looked like Damian’s. He checked the time, they would be landing in ten minutes.

    Soon after getting in a taxi, Damian reached his parents house. They greeted him outside, took his bags and ushered him inside like any parent would. They sat him down next to the fire to warm up then took him to the guest room. Damian hung up his clothes from his suitcase and put his headphones on the bedside table, this used to be his sisters room before she passed away.

    The room was still her favourite colour pink. The room still smelt of her – Lily. They were close growing up, they would always go out to play in the garden in the tree house, they used to play pirates most of the time and many other things until she got too sick. Leukaemia that’s what the doctor’s said but they all knew she hadn’t long left, when she couldn’t play in the garden any more. Damian used to bring her one lily every day just to remind her of the outside world.

    Even when she was taken into hospital for treatment, Damian would place one lily on her bedside table until she began to get weak, she was hurting. They told Damian she’ll be fine soon. The morning of her death, Damian came to see his sister. She was sleeping, he could see the colour gone from her face, her once long golden hair had to be shaved; he held her hand while they were cutting it. He looked at his sister, she had gotten thinner and smaller. Her skin a pale white almost like snow, her lips matched her face she seemed peaceful but Damian knew she was in pain. Lily was breathing even more slowly now, Damian struggled to climb onto the hospital bed considering he was shorter than a kid his age, he pushed a chair next to the bed and pulled himself up. He lay there staring at Lily, he did not understand what was happening he just wanted his best friend back. Damian covered Lily in a the blanket and put his favourite toy fire engine next to her and a Lily from the greenhouse. He kissed her on the head and said goodbye, he snuggled under the blanket with her and watched through the window as the rain poured outside. Damian fell asleep next to her but was woke by the sound of beeping, it was her life support machine. Lily was gone.

    It was a small ceremony, Lily’s funeral. Damian watched as his father carried her tiny coffin, there was a bunch of Lily’s pictures placed on her grave by Damian and for next few years the family grieved but they had to live with it. Damian put one small lily on the grave but it died like all flowers, Damian used to go to the cemetery often but he went less and less then stopped.

    Damian unpacked the rest of his stuff, he jogged down the stair and down into the living joint kitchen, it was all open plan. His mother was making sandwiches and his father was reading a paper, splashed all over the headlines like a buffet for the news reporters. Full of gripping words and catchy pictures was the story of Christano el Piere.

    Damian was almost through the front door when he dragged back by the sound of his mothers voice. “Where you off to? Would you like some sandwiches love?” Her voice calm and sweet almost like an angels, she used to sing to him to help him get to sleep just after Lily died, he was plagued with nightmares. “No thanks mum, I’m just going out for an hour maybe longer” With out another word. He left, hopped in his father’s car and sped off.

    His first stop was the florists then the cemetery, Damian pushed the gate open to the cemetery,it creaked. The silence unnerved him. Birds crowed in the trees over the wall , he felt like he was being watched, he loosened his tie and gulped. He tried to walk confident;y as if nothing was wrong, Damian was always the shy person at his school, his first girlfriend was at sixteen but in the end his best friend took her off him. Damian reached Lily’s grave and produced a bunch of lilies. He coughed and cleared his throat, he could feel the tears welling up in his eyes. “These are for all the flowers I never gave, I am son sorry. I have let you down sis. I hope that you can hear me, I love you sis.” He tried to fight back the tears but blinked and its dribbled down his cheek, he kneeled by the grave and kissed a photograph of her and walked back to the car then back to his mothers house for preparation for his meeting with Kaiden and some well deserved rest. For the first time in along he felt at home and fell right to sleep.

    • Alice (from Wonderland?) said,

      Wow…. That is good. I really liked it. Maby I’m not master Shan but always a first fan! 😀

  4. Alex said,

    Darren Shan often says that if you want to write, then you should keep writing. Believe in yourself and your writing because if you won’t, who will? If you want to be a great writer, then go out and be a great writer. Darren Shan has said that a writer needs to dream in order to be able to fulfill it. Dream of being a great writer and continue to write. If you stop writing now, you won’t get any better and won’t become the writer you want to be.

    Keep writing.

  5. Robbie said,

    Good blog methinks Darren Shan. Hope you enjoyed the films. Please keep up what I view as good work by writing more soon please.

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