Wild snowy agent

December 17, 2009 at 01:46 (1)

Went for a meeting and lunch with my agent on Tuesday. Had a very pleasant time — a bit of business and a lot of pleasure!!! I’m lucky to have wound up with one of the best agents in the field. It’s 14 years this month since he first got in touch with me to say he was interested in my work, and in that time he’s worked hard, first to help me develop, then to steer me in the right direction, then to ensure that I got the best possible deals for my work. A really great agent is always prepared to put a lot of time and effort into their authors — they don’t just coast along with you when times are good, but stick with you through the bad times and help you generate the good times. There were plenty of opportunities along the way where Chris could have justifiably let me go and focused on writers who were doing much better than I was. But he had belief in me, he gave me the time and support I needed, and he never let me down. I always thank him at the start of every book, since without him my career almost certainly would never have taken off — but you can never praise the important people in your life enough, so I’m never averse to gushing about him a bit more when the opportunity presents itself!!!!

Answered lots more fan mail — I’m trying to get through as much as I can, to get my replies to fans in time for Christmas. I still have a small mound left, which I plan to get through by Friday, all going well. Today I went to see Where The Wild Things Are at the cinema. I enjoyed it a lot — a very dark, quirky movie. I never read the book when I was growing up — I don’t actually have many memories of reading picture books, though most of my memories start when I was 5 or 6, so I’m sure I must have read picture books when I was younger. Can’t for the life of me recall what they were, though I’m sure Wild Things wasn’t one of them. I did read it when I was older, to my cousins when I was babysitting them. But I think it’s the sort of book you need to have read when you were young to really fall in love with — I think it’s great, even reading it as an adult, but it didn’t feed into my dreams the way I think it would have if I’d encountered it earlier in life. That’s often the way with books (and films and lots of other stuff too, I suppose) — timing can be everything. The age you are, the mood you’re in, the people you’re with… these can all have an influence on how you react.

It snowed a bit in London today. I always love walking through the snow in London — it gives the city a completely different feel. It wasn’t particularly heavy, so I got the best of both worlds today — because London doesn’t get much snow, it’s not very well equipped to deal with it, so heavy falls can brings things to a halt, which can be a pain. Today it was just pretty, nothing stopped because of it — good times all round!! And the good times got even better when I made the trek up to Spurs to watch them play Man City — we won 3-0 — hurrah!!!!! It was my last home game before Christmas, and a better present I couldn’t have asked for!!!!


  1. Alice said,

    Yeah… If You says that Where The Wild Things Are are OK I think I’m convinced to watch it. πŸ˜‰
    Yeah, Snow gives this magical atmosphere. And unfortunetly it is always missing in Ireland….

  2. Ivor Bolton said,

    What a great day !!
    You should have been at our class Christmas Party ! A daytime nightmare !
    I calmed the kids down with a few extracts from ‘Cirque’ – retold in a darkened room !
    They all thought it was the best part of the Party !!!
    Another triumph, Darren !! Well done !

  3. Robbie said,

    Very good blog I think. More positive news about the new editor. Good feedback about Where The Wild Things Are and good to hear another opinion methinks. I hope you please keep up the good work by writing more soon please!!!

  4. Miley said,

    I love snow, we used to get it all the time… But now we only get a couple of snowstorms every winter, if we’re lucky… 😦

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