Wilton’s gold

December 14, 2009 at 22:36 (1)

Flew over to London on Thursday with some of my cousins. Took them up to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park on Friday to go skating and on some of the attraction. It was very Christmassy, a lovely place to visit, although the prices are definitely on the steep side — in Hyde Park, Christmas comes at a cost!!!! Went to see Billy Elliot again on Friday night — I think that’s the third time I’ve seen it. It’s uneven, with some numbers which could have been excised, and a storyline that could have been beefed up a bit, but at its best it’s peerless and takes viewers through a whole rollercoaster of emotions. On Saturday the only emotion I went through was numb disbelief, as I watched Spurs lose at home to Wolves, a team in the relegation zone. To be honest, it didn’t come as a huge shock — we have some fantastics players at Spurs, as we almost always have, but very few strong, gritty, fighting players, and we often lose to teams much lower down the table than us. It’s been the curse of Spurs since the early 1960s — we produce some great football and stunning players, but have never quite managed to find a way to put a sturdy, league-winning team together. Oh well — like fans of every club, I live in hope…

Didn’t do much in the day on Sunday, but went for a nice breakfast with my cousins in Le Pain Quotidien (whose praises I have sung here on many an occasion), had a swim, then went out for dinner in the Oxo tower with Bas and one of her friends called Liz. It was Liz’s birthday (29, of course!!! ahem!!!!!), so we had a nice bottle of Rose bubbly with our meal, a couple of cocktails, and a grand old time was had by all!!! Today I went for lunch with my new editor, Nick, who will be keeping me on the straight and narrow from the first Mr Crepsley book onwards. I hadn’t spent much time with him before this, so it was nice to share a meal and just chat about stuff, writing and everyday things. We both decided that the children’s books world was too “nice” and it was time to start a punk-like revolution — though that might have been the cocktail and beers talking!!!! I think we’re going to get along nicely…

Tonight I went to see a promenade version of the David Mamet play, Edmond, at Wilton’s Music Hall. A promedade play is where the action takes place in lots of different locations in a theatre, not just on a stage. I love them, as it’s a completely unique experience. In some, you’re free to wander as you please. In this one you stayed as part of a group, and were ushered from room to room (and even outside the building!), but you still got to choose where you stood, and each scene was viewed from a different angle. It was brilliant!!! An extra part of the pleasure came from the old, faded majesty of Wilton’s Music Hall, the oldest surviving music hall in London, and indeed the world. I’ve been there before and it’s a stunning building, with loads of atmosphere — I think it would have been the perfect place to film the Cirque Du Freak scenes of the movie if it had been made in the UK. In this show, you got to see parts of it you normally wouldn’t have access to. I would normally have urged readers of this to go to the show if they had the chance, but that probably won’t be possible — it was only put together over the last 4 weeks, and is running just for 3 nights, until the 16th, although there are 2 performances each night. If you are in London and want to try to get hold of a ticket to the remaining performances, check out the Wilton’s site by CLICKING HERE. But you’ll need to be swift, before a truly magical production disappears into the night….


  1. Robbie said,

    Sounds like you are getting on well with your new editor, so I think that is very good. Please keep up what I view as good work by writing more soon please!!!

  2. Max Elsner said,

    I’m really excited about the Mr. Crepsley books your writing. I can’t wait until they come out! I’m glad you’re getting along with your editor!

  3. Miley said,

    It’s great you’re getting along with your editor Mr. Shan! I can’t wait for the Mr. Crepsley books to come out! (Especially since he is my favorite character in the Cirque Du Freak series!!!)

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