Shanta Claus

December 9, 2009 at 12:45 (1)

I have uploaded my seasonal short story about Shanta Claus to my web site, so if you want a warm, freaky, demonic chuckle this Christmas, you know where to go!! I’ve made a few changes to the story, as I usually do every year, and this time round I’ve added a new chapter set on the world of Makhras, which is the setting for my upcoming book, The Thin Executioner. So if you want an early, sneak peek at some of the characters of that book, here’s your chance!!! To access the link for Shanta Claus, CLICK HERE.


  1. Bella Baltierra said,

    I just read Shanta Claus for the first time and it was halarious!!! i feel stupid right about now becase im at school in the computer lab reading that halarious story and laughing. i caused quite a ruckus. i look forward to next year’s.

    (my favorite part was the Twilight DVD to Lord Loss. very funny)

    • Angel said,

      hi! I am Angel.Iam eleven year old . I read Cirque du Freak -Sons of Destiny in China and Hong Kong.
      It is very EXCITED!I like Trials of Death best because it took me read it all the day!

  2. Erin Maio said,

    Thank you for posting it! I’ve been checking the link since December 1st! When I read it, I laughed so hard that I woke up my poor dog (and possible the neighbor’s dog!). 🙂 I was having not too great a day, but after I read Shanta Claus my day became a lot better!

  3. Miley said,

    I laughed a lot when the little people ate Rudolph and when Shanta gave Lord Loss Twillight! Great story!

  4. Lyddia Tydeman said,

    This was my first ever time of reading Shanta Cluas… & i loved it!!
    My favourite part was definatly the ending… it was so sweet, it made me cry!

    T.T why do all the endings of your books make me cry!
    lol Xp

    Merry (early) Christmas to you Darren Shan! XD

  5. Robbie said,

    Very good story there, first time I read it, had some humour, a heart warming ending and some chills! All in my opinion of course. Please keep up what I view as good work by writing more soon please, be it articles, blogs, monthly updates or novels!!!

  6. Marife Caparó said,

    I relly enjoy your books I’m from I had to bought them in English…I couldn’t Upload the Christmas Story on time so I will wit until next Christmas..
    I have read all you’re Cirque Du Freak books and I love them…they are great..
    Sons Of Destiny is one of my Favourite’s but in the end I cried…
    I think you did a fantastic job with the books especially with The Vampire´s Mountian, my favourite character is Arra Sails…She’s great!!!
    Thanks for writting the book Darren…

  7. margret said,

    i couldnt stop laughing at the ending with the christmas songs and when shanta was like “you might need it in book nine” XD omg that was funny and when he is going 2 give lord loss the twilight dvd!! XD omg i love it!! merry christmas!! ^_^

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