Christmas post

December 4, 2009 at 23:33 (1)

Busy beavering away on the latest edit of the first Mr Crepsley book, though I only did a half day on it today — I went in to Limerick with Bas in the afternoon to do some shopping and have a little break — I can go stir-crazy if I don’t force myself from the house every now and then!!! I’m also busy trying to answer as much fan mail as I can, to get responses out to fans in time for Christmas!! I have a big mound (not quite as big as Santa’s, but probably not TOO far off!!!) of letters, some stretching back to early October. I got through a nice batch of them tonight, and will try to fly through the rest over the next week.

Watched the second and third Matrix films last night and tonight. They’re pretty entertaining in their own right, but really weren’t necessary, since the first was so majestic by itself. I remember when it originally came out, and how it just blew me away — it looked like nothing else out there, the style, the way the characters moved and fought and spoke, the pace, the sudden twists. It was amazing!!! I think, if you hit the perfect note first time round, you might as well stop at that point and move on to something else — there’s no topping perfection!!! Then again, if you have a larger story which you want to tell, I can fully understand how tempting it must be to push on. On a personal note, I always feel a bit nonplussed when fans come up to me with Cirque Du Freak and say it was their favourite book out of the series — while I love that they enjoyed it, part of me always wonders, “Does that mean they didn’t like the next 11 books?!?” I’d hate to think fans ever thought that I was flogging a dead horse (as I think the Wachowski Brothers were doing with their Matrix sequels), but I can absolutely understand it if they were. I mean, if I knew nothing about my own books, and was looking on them as an outsider without having read them, I’d probably think that the writer was cashing in as much as he could, stretching his ideas beyond breaking point!!! The moral being — never judge anything in life without dipping your toes in to get an idea of the temperature first!!!!!!

Unless it’s a Louis Walsh or Simon Cowell band. ALL of their singers are woebegotten, soulless, glorified karaoke performers — it’s just a natural law of the universe!!!!!


  1. matt said,

    i just think that DS should go back and continue the story and bring Darren baack from paradise maybe even produce an even more powerfull being than mr tiny i just thoughgt the ending was wrong and that by ending it that way he made look that darren had not evolved as character at all by choosing leave the life that chose him and DS can still continue the story bc technically darren is still destined as the child of tiny and changing one event wont change that i think the story should continue if not now oneday bc deep down the ending horrible darren did not get to say good bye to anyone i just think great series horrible ending it was a rushed ending that was horrible

  2. Alex said,

    As much as i love the Saga, I don’t think Darren Shan should write such a book. I’m not a fan of characters coming back from the dead, no matter how well it’s they explain the comeback. I personally think that the Sage ended well as it tied knots – it’s a shame that Darren couldn’t say goodby to loved ones, but life’s hard that way.

    I’m really look forward to the Mr Crepsley books. It was irritating how in the Cique film, Darren kept calling Mr Crepsley, ‘Crepsley’.

    • Miley said,

      Anf even so… That would be like saying “and they lived happily ever after!” it wouldn’t be nessicary for Darren to come back to life because he is happy he is going to paridise!

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