Thierry Henry — le cheat

November 19, 2009 at 00:05 (1)

Just finished watching the Ireland v France World Cup play-off match. We lost the first leg 1-0 at home on Saturday, but played brilliantly tonight, took a 1-0 lead, and held onto it admirably. The game was heading towards a penalty shoot-out when Thierry Henry blatantly cheated — from a free kick into the Irish box, he handled the ball not once, but twice, then played it across for another French player to score. As a Tottenham Hotspur fan, I could never like Henry, because he played for our arch-rivals Arsenal. But I always respected him — he was a great player in his prime, the epitome of skill and calm on the ball. But tonight he became a lowly, heartless cheat, someone who will do anything to win, who has no pride or dignity or honesty.

Nobody should condone what Thierry Henry did tonight. I don’t care if you’re French — you should still slam him for this, not sit back and chuckle at your lucky escape. There should be no room for cheats like this in football. We don’t support cheats in other areas of our life, so why should football be any different? Robbie Keane is my favourite player for Ireland and Spurs, and has been for several years. If he had done tonight what Thierry Henry did, I wouldn’t be sitting here smirking, thinking “Nice one, Robbie! You made a fool of the ref and the French!!” I would be appalled and sickened that one of my heroes could have stooped so low. Not that I ever think he would — like any true hero, Robbie Keane is made of finer stuff than that. Thierry Henry clearly isn’t.

If my path ever crosses with Henry’s, I will calmly walk up to him, stare straight into his face and tell him he is a cheat, and I hope anyone else who crosses paths with him in the future does likewise. He should not go a single day of the rest of his life without being reminded of being the cheater that he is. I’m not a man of violence, but I AM a man who believes in showing open contempt for those who treat their fellow humans contemptuously. Thierry Henry acted shamefully and cowardly tonight, and deserves nothing more than open scorn from anyone he meets from this day forward.


  1. Dan Alberts said,

    wow – i dont think ive ever felt you be so angry. never before have has a blog of yours – and ive been reading them for years – been so openly (pardon the french hehe) p****d off. i always thought of Thierry Henry as a respectful person and he has spoke out against cheats before this. Now he just needs to be clumped in with the rest of them; ronaldo, drogba, arsenal’s whole team.

    At least one thing you can be happy about mate, Ireland played well and are lucking good. It was a great game.

  2. George Wood said,

    totally agree with you, so out of order. I’m English, but i’m still seething a day later! It’s outrageous, get Platini to put in video technology to stop stupid things like this happening again! Congrats to Ireland, you played well though.

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