The Killers’ Brandon Flowers on live albums, vampires, and Sinatra: A Music Mix Q&A

November 10, 2009 at 20:23 (1)

The Killers’ Brandon Flowers on live albums, vampires, and Sinatra: A Music Mix Q&A.

Brandon Flowers, lead singer with The Killers (one of my favourite bands of recent years), mentions in an interview that he went to see The Vampire’s Assistant recently. Nice to see that he has great taste in films as well as in music!!!!! 🙂

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  1. Dean said,

    Dear Mr. Shan I doubt this comment will get through as you seem very busy and Iam just one insignificant comment among many millions however I feel that I should speak anyway. To be honest I havent seen Cirque Du Freak as frankly I thought it looked very dissapointing, I thought the choice of actors were very poor and the script seemed way out of character. Iam not a shan hater as I may be sounding, in fact I have been reading your books for many years now and you are easily in my top three authors if not my favourite. I very much enjoyed your vampire saga but it depressed me, when I finished the books I became very depressed for a couple of months as they were a primary source of enjoyment for me and I have read the saga about 3 or 4 times (I read some more than others). I have only ever been affected in such a way twice in my entire sixteen years when my first pet died and when an old woman threw a bottle of holy water at me and called me a demon (funny story that). I also very much enjoyed the demonata although I did not enjoy the end as much as the vampire saga, but apart from the last chapter excellent saga, anywho just thought I should leave my comment, if you do however I would appreciate if you added me on my mail or my bebo DeanF820. If you dont want to or dont have time I understand Tempus Fugit after all. I would simply like to say Go maith! Well done with your successes and may they continue looking forward to your new series!

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