A Thin interruption

November 8, 2009 at 23:31 (1)

I’d hoped to dive straight back into my final edit of City of the Snakes today, but the Americanized draft of The Thin Executioner was waiting for me. I thought it wouldn’t take me very long, so I decided to plough through it this morning. However, the American copyeditor had made lots of small suggestions for minor changes. I didn’t approve of all of them, but plenty were good ideas, so they all required a bit of thought, which meant the process took longer than it normally does — in fact, despite working on the book all throughout the day, I didn’t get it finished, and will have to work on it again on Monday. Normally I breeze through the Americanized drafts in half an hour or less — but this is the first time that they’ve worked on a book of mine that hasn’t already been published in the UK. Now that they’re drawing level with the UK at last, they’re going to be in a position to have more of an input, to make suggestions for improving books at a time when it’s still possible to incorporate changes. We’re not talking anything major here — but as I’ve often said on this blog, the devil’s in the details, and I strongly believe that paying attention to the very minor bits of a book is very important, as all the little elements add up in the end to enhance or detract from the overall experience. It’s nice having an extra bit of editorial input — it means more work for me, which I wasn’t too happy about when I first sat down with the draft this morning (I believe I muttered “Bloody meddling Americans!!!” under my breath quite a lot before my break for lunch at midday!!!), but by the end of the day I was delighted to have sacrificed my Sunday to what turned out to be a very worthy cause. Anything that makes my books better is always a good thing, no matter how much it might inconvenience me, so you’ll be pleased to hear that I plan to sacrifice plenty more Sundays in future if necessary, if that’s it takes to bring you guys the best possible quality work that I can. You might not all be worth such fierce dedication on my part, but hey, I love you all anyway!!!!!!!




  1. Zoe said,

    Hey Darren
    Hope the book is going great. I just got the first and second cirque du freak in manga. It is not as good as the books but the pictures are good! Cant wait to go see the movie!
    LOVE Zoe

  2. Bella Baltierra said,

    you know we all love you too Master Shan! i sertinly appreciate your dedication!!

  3. mercy said,

    Hey!!!!!!! Darren i just love your books!!!!!! i’ve read the whole series!!!! I know this is funny, but i’m inlove with vancha!!!!! lol!!!! well good luck!

  4. Ariel said,

    hey darren i’m only on the second book CIRGUE DU FREAK THE VAMPIRES ASSISTANT and i’m addicted to the books i actaully enjoy reading these books i usually never read but now since i’m so addicted to the books i can’t stop reading and good luck!!!!!

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