I Saw Muse

November 7, 2009 at 21:18 (1)

Enjoyed the Sawdoctors gig in Dolans on Thursday. They always put on a great, crowd-pleasing show. I never used to think much of the Sawdoctors, having dismissed them in my earlier days as paddywhackery fools. Now that I’m a bit older and more musically open to more populist bands (i.e. I don’t care what people think if I say I like a band which isn’t moody and complex), I can see that they write catchy songs that get a crowd going, and that’s no small achievement! I’ll always love more challenging bands like Pink Floyd, The Who and Radiohead, but there’s plenty of room in this world for fun, uplifting bands too, and the older I’ve got, the more I’ve learnt to appreciate the lighter side of the music world.

Mind you, having said that, I still think that manufactured pop bands such as Boyzone or Westlife are, more often than not, the spawn of an aural devil, and Simon Cowell and his ilk should be prosecuted for crimes against good music!!!! I hope I never mellow out so much that I don’t enjoy a good grumble about shallow, put-together bands which serve no purpose other than to make money for suave music biz execs!!!! Bah humbug!!!!!!

On Friday Bas (who has no problem whatsoever with the likes of Boyzone and Westlife, and who would claim to her dying breath that they are far better than, say, Neil Young or Bob Dylan) and I travelled up to Dublin to see Muse. A very different music experience!! Where the Sawdoctors are all about fun, Muse are far more serious — as Bas pointed out, there’s no chance you’ll ever find Muse singing a song, as the Sawdoctors did, about “a big bag of chips and a burger to go”!!!!! Having said that, they were far rockier than I expected, and really got the crowd going. It was a high-tech affair, an incredibly cool set and an elaborate laser show. I don’t love Muse — they have a few great songs, but many of their others sound rather similar to my ears — so I didn’t absolutely love the show, but I did enjoy it a hell of a lot, especially the handful of catchy, standout, pump-the-air-with-your-fists tracks. Most groovy!!!

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  1. M.J.R. said,

    BAHAHAHAHAHA SIMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I sort of spaz whenever Simon is mentioned (:

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