Home again, home again

November 4, 2009 at 21:41 (1)

Back home after what was by far and away my busiest week of the year — a two week tour of the UK and Ireland, moving house, a trip to Sweden, then a week’s holiday in Orlando — PHEW!!!! I can’t even say the final week was relaxing, because I was on the go every day, racing around from one roller coaster to another!! Today was pretty much my first “normal” day since the end of September, puttering around my new office, catching up on some paperwork, then doing the Shanville Monthly. It was nice to move down several gears and just go through a more regular routine — life’s exciting when you’re super busy and moving fast, but it can be tiring!!!!

Some of you might remember that I posted a blog a few months ago about a young girl named Georgia, a big Shanster who had wound up seriously ill in hospital. For those of you who have been wondering, here’s an update from her Dad, Stephen, which I meant to post a couple of weeks ago but didn’t get around to in the middle of all the October madness:

A quick update on georgia, my daughter who you highlighted in a blog. After more than 5 months in hospital she came home a few weeks ago. The chemo and radiotherapy took their toll but she has come through really well and her most recent scans showed clear! She is working hard on her walking and can now walk a short distance with one stick and a hand from mum or dad. She has physiotherapy and speech therapy twice a week, home tuition twice a week, music therapy once a week as well as hospital check ups. She has also started chemo again which we expect to last another year.

Her control over her hands is improving, especially her right hand, and she has started typing, slowly, with one finger to reply to all the Shan fans who have provided such support. I am convinced that the messages was a massive boost to her, even when I was unsure she could even hear. We are all so grateful to everyone who wrote to her. It will take a while to reply to everyone but she has made a start! We are optimistic and she is a very brave and strong girl.  Her eyesight makes it hard to focus but she is already a long way through Hell’s Heroes and determined to read it herself.

Heh. That brought a happy tear to my eye the first time I read it! I promised myself I wouldn’t sniffle this time, but here I am, blinking away the tears again!!! I was absolutely delighted to hear that Georgia’s on the mend, and I’d like to add my thanks to Stephen’s, to all of you who wrote to her and helped cheer her up a bit in what must be a very trying and difficult time.


  1. Robbie said,

    Good blog and Shanville Monthly took a while to get up, but was worth the read I thought- good Georgia is getting better and things are back to normal for you. Please keep up the good work by writing more soon please!!!!

  2. Smog said,

    I’m a hardened and passionate fan of the Darren Shan Saga. I don’t like the film. Far too different from the books for me to be able to sit down and enjoy it. If a sequel to the film is given the go ahead then i dread to think how much more of the Saga will be forgotten in the film.

  3. Ivor Bolton said,

    Well done Georgia !! Keep working at it ! I know Darren won’t mind me using this blog reply to wish you well again from myself and your friends at Lower Farm School, Walsall. Best wishes again from us all ! XX

  4. Miku said,

    That’s brilliant news for Georgia!! XD
    Glad to hear that she’s gotten better! Hopefully she continues to become healthier.

  5. Rajdeep Dhadwal said,

    Hope she’ll get even more better!

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