Moving frenzy

October 18, 2009 at 22:36 (1)

The last few days have been manic and exhausting, as we moved out of our house into the house next door, ahead of the extension work which is due to start soon. Everything had to go. While professional movers took care of all the larger stuff, and all my art collection, there was still a load of things that we had to move across by hand — pack, move over, unpack and put back in place. I’m fit to drop by this stage, but at least the end is almost in sight — I’m set up in my new office, I bought a new TV and a Blu-Ray player (but no Blu-Ray discs yet, as I forgot — DOH!!!) to cheer myself up now that I have to make do without my beloved projector and screen for the next nine months or more, and all of the DVDs, books and comics that I decided to bring over with me are in situ, although I haven’t shelved them all yet.

But there’s no time to sit around feeling smug — I head off up to Dublin on Monday to appear on The Afternoon Shoe on RTE1. I’m due on a bit before five o’clock, according to those in the know, although of course that can change on the day, given the nature of live TV. I’m also meant to stick around to the end of the programme, to sample some food that they will be cooking during the show — YUM!!!! If you live in Ireland, watch out for me!!

The film continues to roar forwards, all cylinders blazing, building up a nice head of steam ahead of its launch in Hungary on Thursday, then the USA and UK and Ireland on Friday. Like any fantasy/film, it has had mixed reviews from critics, but I’ve been collating all of the online reviews that I can find, and out of the 22 I’ve logged so far, 11 have been positive, 5 have been average, while 6 have been dismissive. For a genre film like this, I think that’s a VERY healthy critical response to date — hopefully a good sign for the movie’s box office fate!!! But, of course, a film like this will always ultimately rely on word of mouth — if fans like it and tell their friends, it will do well — if they don’t, no amount of critical gushing will help it. It’s one of the things I like best about the world of children’s books and movies — your audience will decide for itself what it does and doesn’t like, regardless of anything a small group of adult critics might say. My books have succeeded because kids have read them, enjoyed them, then told other people about them. It will be interesting to see if the film fares equally well…


  1. Robbie said,

    Great blog- glad the move is good, hope the movie is good and I hope to see you on The Afternoon Show. Keep up the good work by please writing more soon!!!!

  2. CLAIRE said,

    these were the best books ive ever read . i cannot tell you how many times i wish they were true!

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