Tour roundup

October 15, 2009 at 21:39 (1)

I’ve had a hectic couple of days. As I’ve said here before, we’re moving out of our house for several months, while builders extend our house, and that move is happening NOW!!! It started the day after my tour finished, and we’re most of the way there. I haven’t actually had to do too much on that front, as our movers are doing almost all the packing and shifting. But I’ve loads of other stuff to catch up with, emails and post and making sure everything is ready in the new house when we move in (e.g. phone and TV). Things should hopefully have quietened down by the weekend, but right now it’s all systems go!!

But there’s always time to work in a quick tour round-up!! So here are some of the salient facts from the Hell’s Heroes tour, which was my biggest (in terms of crowds of people turning up) ever:

The longest signing — Waterstones, Bluewater — 6 and a half hours!!!

Average signing time at 13 signing sessions — 2 hours 50 minutes!!!

No signing was less than 2 hours!!! (The first time ever that every signing lasted at least two hours!!!)

Children at school and public events — 3110!!!

It wasn’t my longest tour ever (I’ve cut back from doing 3 or 4 week tours — I’m getting too old for those!!) but it was easily my busiest. I covered a huge amount of ground, met more fans at signings and public events than ever before, and didn’t have a single weak turnout at any session. That’s virtually unheard of on the road — you always get at least one disappointment, where the numbers are lower than average. But this time every single stop was a winner!!!!! Thanks to all the booksellers and librarians and teachers who welcomed me so warmly (with the exception of that librarian who tried to cut my talk down in order to fit in some dancing!!!). To the drivers who got me to every event on time, and who ferried me off into the night, sometimes working to midnight and beyond. To Geraldine, Mary, Catherine and Sam, who set it all up and kept me company on the road. And, of course, as always, my deepest thanks to all of you guys for turning up and travelling far and lining up for hours to see me — you continue to amaze me, even after ten years, and you’re the reason I keep putting myself through all this. Here’s to the next ten years and beyond!!!!!!


  1. Ivor Bolton said,

    Here’s to the next ten years and beyond!!!!!!

    We all agree Darren! Sincere thanks and have a good weekend with hopefully a bit of a rest !

  2. Zoe said,

    Hey Darren Shan, I don’t think that you are “OLD” , but I am glad that you are finally getting time to relax now 😉 Darren, I was wondering, do you look/read all the letters that you get? I am wondering if I could send you some of my AWESOME pictures that I drew and you would see them personally. My favorite picture that i drew is the cover of “Wolf Island”

    I cant wait to see the new movie!

  3. Kathryn Winstanley said,

    Hi Darren.
    It sounds like the touring went very well, and that’s great! I’m sure the people who got to meet you were extreamily happy!
    Hell’s Heroes, by the way, was, in one word, amazing!!
    Good luck on the move, Darren. I hope it goes well.
    Take care.

    From your big fan, Kathryn.

  4. Robbie said,

    Brilliant blog you wrote there Darren Shan! Glad you enjoyed most of the Hell’s Heroes tour and are about to move somewhere soon. Keep up the good work by writing more blogs or books please!!!

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