Lights! Camera!! Shan!!!

October 14, 2009 at 20:15 (1)

Flew to Ireland early on Sunday, then did two signing sessions, one in Swords and one in Dundrum, which lasted, respectively, 2 hours 45 minutes, and 2 hours 30 minutes. Another crazy, full-on day!!! But at least I had a nice, relaxing nice, where I was able to have a proper meal and chill out in my hotel for a while before bed — something of a rarity on the Hell’s Heroes tour!!

On Monday I did a library event in Ashbourne for about 200 kids from various schools, then a two hour signing in Drogheda. Before the signing, while I was having lunch, I spotted the TV advert for the CDF movie playing on a TV in the restaurant. The sound wasn’t on, but I got very excited nevertheless!! That night I did an event and signing in the Blanchardstown library for about 150 fans. I signed for 1 hour 40 minutes, then drove on to my hotel in Portlaoise, arriving well after 23.00 — another late night!!

Tuesday was a manic day. I did an event in Portlaoise in the morning, and just about everyone who came seemed to bring or buy multiple copies of my books!! I was signing for 2 and a half hours. Then, after a quick dash to Limerick, I did a signing in Limerick. I could tell it was going to be a busy one, so I worked at top speed, faster than normal, signing swiftly, not chatting too much, conscious of the clock ticking away, aware that I had to get to the cinema on time for the movie premiere. The signing lasted two hours, but I’m sure it would have been anywhere between half an hour to an hour longer any normal time — I felt like smoke was streaming from my pen by the end of it!!! (I’d like a say a special Thank You to a boy called Briain who gave me a present of a cake, with some of the covers of my books printed on it — it was a lovely, thoughtful gift, and I will be tucking into it with glee very shortly!!!)

After the signing, I caught a taxi to the Omniplex cinema theatre, where the masses of fans were taking their seats. The staff of Universal, Impact and the Omniplex had done a fabulous job, creating a red carpet zone that looked absolutely fabulous — I really did feel like a movie star walking down it!!! I strolled up the carpet at the appointed time, pausing for photos and interviews, then waited for everyone to buy their drinks and food and file through. After that I quickly introduced the film, then took my seat and watched the movie for the second time. I liked it as much as the first time, which was a relief!! I appreciated things this time round that I hadn’t before, such as the great score and the truly amazing sets and character make-up. (The audience was stunned afterwards when I told them that Michael Cerveris, who plays Mr Tiny, is actually rather thin!!) And John C Reilly impressed me even more — he really is the heart and soul of the film, just as Mr Crepsley was in the books. Like the book, the film doesn’t have the smoothest of starts — it’s only when Mr Crepsley hits the scene that things really move up a notch and it finds its true rhythm. When the credits rolled, there was a huge roar and lots of applause — phew!!!! I answered questions for 10 or 15 minutes, then signed autographs in the lobby. Normally I give everyone a message in a book at an event, but it was too late and there were too many fans, and there wasn’t really enough space to organise an orderly line — so I just had to scribble my name in books. I felt a bit guilty doing that, but not TOO guilty — after all, I tour so much, that most of the fans there will be able to catch me a bit further down the line at another event, when I can spare them more time.

It was an incredible, marvellous night, one that I wish I had a bit more time to appreciate. It would have been fun to be idle beforehand, to have spend more time there at the build-up, and to have had more time to chat with fans about the film at the end. And to spend today looking back and thinking fondly about it. But today we started moving house, and I had dozens of things in my office which I had to attend to, so it was all hands to the battle stations from the moment I awoke!!! Oh well, at least Bas took plenty of photos for me to look back on later — you can check some of them out on the Photos on my MySpace. I’ll write up a tour report over the next day or two, as I always like to do, but for now I’m exhausted — a bath, some TV, then bed is all that this tired little half-vampire has the energy for tonight!!!!!


  1. Robbie said,

    glad you enjoyed the movie and that the fans did too. I look forward to seeing it when it comes out- I wonder will there be a videogame of it? I hope you have a good rest once the tour is over then get to keep up the good work please by writing more soon, blog or book!

  2. Ivor Bolton said,

    A great occasion, Darren ! Well deserved acclaim. Congratulations and well done.
    Hope you managed to watch the recording of me on the 4th Plinth ! Ivor

  3. tom conneely said,

    Can I just say that having seen teh film on eof the things that struck me immediately was the opening animated credits – they were excellent, and set the scene for the film very well.

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