Day 6

October 6, 2009 at 21:26 (1)

Another fab day on tour, and a bit of a more relaxed one, which was nice after the hectic start. I did a school in Wetherby in the morning, for 200 kids. Signed for about an hour, then went to my hotel in Middlesbrough. Checked in, had time to do my emails, then went to do a signing in Waterstones. It was my first time in Middlesbrough, so I wasn’t sure what sort of a crowd to expect, but in the end we got a great turnout and I was there for 2 hours — nice!!! And then it was back to my hotel at 6.00pm for dinner and a night of rest — that was virtually a half day compared to most days on the tour!!! But it will be my last restful day for a while — I have late finishes on each of the next three days, so I might not be able to update my blog for while.

I was delighted to learn this afternoon that Hell’s Heroes has had the best first week sales of any of my books in the UK!!! In fact, it wasn’t even on sale for a whole week — after less than 5 days, when the Bestseller chart was compiled, it had already stormed ahead of all of my previous first week tallies!!!! It came in at #4 on the overall children’s bestsellers chart, behind 3 of the Twilight books which have been hogging the top of the chart for months on end, and it is the #1 children’s bestselling hardback book. Result!!!!!! It’s amazing that, ten years after Cirque Du Freak first came out, my books are still gaining momentum in the UK and selling better than ever before! Who knows where it’s going to end!!!!!

In Ireland, I’m due to give an interview on Irish radio station, 4FM on Thursday October 8th at 08.50a.m. You can access the site online by CLICKING HERE. I’m also due to give an interview on Limerick 95FM, possibly on Friday at 09.45a.m., though it might be on Monday instead — CLICK HERE for more details about the station. I’m also going to be filmed by the TV show ICECLICK HERE. I think they plan to show the interview during the week of the 11th, though I’m not sure what day. Finally, don’t forget I’m going to be on The Afternoon Show on TV on Monday, October 19th!!!


  1. Robbie said,

    Great blog there Darren Shan!!! Glad you are enjoying the tour and that the book is doing well!!! Looking forward to the movie and next batcha books and please keep up the good work by writing more soon please!!!

  2. Daniel Wilson said,

    Hey Darren,

    My dad got a fantastic shot of you strangling the lady with blue hair at Cheshire Oaks.

    The picture is on flikr.

  3. Zoe said,

    Hi Darren Shan

    Hope that you have fun on those talk shows. I am so happy that Hells Heroes is the #4 book I cant wait to read it! 😉

    I wish that it was #3 instead of Twilight I HATE the Twilight series and the movie, I think the movie is stupid. They should make a movie about the Demonata series I would so go and see it .

    Love Zoe 😉

    P.S please don’t embarrass yourself on the shows

  4. Kabz said,

    Great your enjoying the tour … i just finishd reading your recent book, Hell’s Heroes … great book … i wont say much in case anyone hasn’t read it but i thought it was a great way to end the series,

    Kabz K

    P.S. I have finally bought all of the Cirque Du Freak books [New Covers] even though I read them about 10 years ago from the local library!

  5. JackP said,

    Noticed you doing a signing at the MetroCentre WH Smiths today (Gateshead). I must say that despite the event clearly over-running (by my reckoning when I walked past it was 20 minutes over already), there was still a big queue, and you still seemed happy signing, chatting, and posing for photos.

    ‘Tis a credit to you, sir.

  6. Ivor Bolton said,

    Crikey Darren ! Have I been reading ‘Cirque du Freak’ to the kids for 10 years ? No wonder I can retell the story wor-for-word without the book !!
    Nice to be reading your Blog again ! Great stuff !! Ivor.

  7. Beth said,

    Hey Darren,
    It was great to see you today {the 8th not 9th like you thought =P} at the book signing at Borders.
    Like I said then, I’d never read your books and now I wonder why I didn’t earlier!
    Circus du Freak was awesome!!!


  8. Ethan F. said,

    I hated reading until i read C.D.F. i read every single one of them. i am exited for the thin executioner to come out next year in october! you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    P.S. YOU ROCK!!!!!!

  9. Kathryn Winstanley said,

    Hi Darren.

    Congratulations on Hell’s Heroes reaching number 4 on the charts! That’s great. But not really a shock as your books are brilliant!

    I’m glad the tourings going well, I hope the rest of the touring goes well.

    Take care.

    From your big fan Kathryn.

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