Three Days In

October 3, 2009 at 23:07 (1)

I’m at the end of the third day of the tour, and it’s got off to a blistering, exciting start!! Began with an event at the Rich Mix cinema in the East End of London, near where I used to have a flat. It was a full house in screen 1, 180 kids from various schools. I enjoyed the talk and Q&A, then signed lots of books. After a nice lunch, I did a small, intimate event for 30 or so kids. Later that evening we had a book launch at the crypt in St Martin In The Fields, a church in Leicester Square. It was great to meet up with lots of people from HarperCollins, friends and family, and other people from the publishing industry. The time flew by and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I got to bed a bit later than I’d planned, at about 00.45.

On Friday I did a great school event at St Andrews in Worthing. This was only arranged at the last minute, literally two days beforehand, when another school pulled out. Yes despite all that, it ran more smoothly than many events I’ve been involved with, and the kids bought an unbelievable number of books!! It just goes to show how brilliant an event can be if you just have the right people on the ground!!! That afternoon I did a public signing in Brighton, which lasted just over two hours. Under normal circumstances it would probably have run half an hour longer, or more, but I had another event later, so I pushed myself and went a bit faster than usual. A top-notch first public signing of the tour!! That night, I did a talk in Chichester to 300 people, and then signed for 3 hours!!! It was one of the longest signing sessions I’ve ever done after an event. I was exhausted when it finished at 23.30, but absolutely delighted!!! I then faced a two hour car journey to my hotel in Bristol, and finally crawled into bed at 02.00 in the morning!!! So much for the glamour of the road!!!! I always knew this was going to be probably the busiest day of the tour, so I was delighted with how it all went — it was a massive success, which I think bodes well for the events yet to come — if I can survive this in style, the rest should be a breeze!!!!!

Today I did a signing in Bristol. There was a great crowd, and I was there for three hours! From there we went straight on to Birmingham, where I gave a talk to about 100 people, then signed books for an hour and a half. I was especially pleased to meet with Tom Woodhead, the fan who designed and named the Sligstata demon which appeared in Dark Calling. We weren’t able to meet up during that tour, but we made up for that today, and had a nice, lengthy chat before the event. After that, I headed up the road to Liverpool, ahead of my Sunday signing in Ellesmere Port. I got to my hotel about 21.00, giving me just enough time to check my emails and bring my blog up to date — no rest for the wicked!!!!


  1. A.Leeson said,

    Loved the new book Darren. Finished it about 2 hours ago and I loved the ending. Looking forward to reading more books from you. 🙂

  2. Robbie said,

    Glad you seem to be enjoying the tour so far. Good you managed to meet up with Tom Woodhead. Please keep up the good work by writing more soon!!!

  3. Elisha said,

    I was surprised too at how long the siging was for the Chichester event – but thank you for sitting it out! My friends and I were discussing how much we’d cry if the waterstones organisers decided it had gotten too late and wanted to shut up and we got kicked out!
    I was so relieved my mum said she’d pick me up or I would have had to leave after 2 hrs 45 mins queing when I was three people from the front! But thank goodness for parents! I had a stinking cold as well.
    But it was absolutely worth it! Thanks for sticking it out and being so dedicated, you’re a star, and thank you for settling the dispute over how long the Bat out of Hell song lasted!
    Keep up the good work chief!

    – vampanezelady

  4. Tom Woodhead said,

    Hey darren!

    Thanks again for yesterday in Birmingham! I had a great time. Really enjoyed the readings you did!! Was brilliant to be able to chat beforehand.

    I have to say that I was very amused by your comments on puke-based weaponry!

    Thanks again for a fantastic day!!


    P.S. If you’re wondering, I really enjoyed The Killing Joke 😛

  5. Zoe said,

    Hey Darren Shan

    It sounds like you are having fun on your tour, it all so sounds like you are not getting enough sleep though.

    I have started to read the eighth book of the demonata series. It is good so far. I just got the book on Friday from my school library, it is brand new 🙂 I am the first to get it out from the school library. I had to wait to read it because my school library did not have it and I had to ask the librarian to get the eighth and the nineth book, and the public library where I lived did not have it because some kid had gone and lost it 😦

    Have fun on your tour

    Love: Zoe L.

    p.s please try to get enough sleep on your tour 😉

  6. Lydia said,

    Hey! I was at the Birmingham signing! It was soooo epic, I’m glad I got to go! It was so cool. In fact, one of my friend’s questions got answered so that was cool too!

  7. Holli said,

  8. Сергей said,

    Почитаем твои книги..=)

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