To infinity (well, London!) and beyond!!!

September 29, 2009 at 22:44 (1)

Why is there always so much to do when I’m about to head off on tour?!? I ask myself that a lot just before most tours, but this one has been absolutely crazy — lots of media interest because of the movie and this being the last book in the series (mostly, let’s be honest, because of the former reason!!)… the Shanville Monthly to knock into shape (did that last night, burning the midnight oil)… a meeting with my architect and builder… trying to get ready for moving all (and I do mean ALL!!) of our possessions out of the house when I get back from tour… and more!!!! It’s enough to drive a poor, innocent writer out of his gourd!!! It will be a relief once the touring starts — I can just forget about everything else for a couple of weeks and concentrate on talking and signing. Well, that’s the plan, though I’m sure it won’t work out quite that way, and that other stuff will demand to be dealt with in between tour events…

I probably won’t get a chance to blog as regularly as normal while on the road. There are going to be a lot of late nights on this tour, and while I’ll have a small laptop with me, if it’s a choice between blogging at the end of a long day and flaking out in front of a TV that shows nothing but reality shows, I’ll eagerly opt for the latter!!! So apologies if the regular service breaks down for a while. I’ll try to post at least a few updates while out and about, but I’m not making any promises!!!

Speaking of the tour — it got off to a potentially shaky start even before I set foot on the road!!! My publicist emailed me this afternoon to say that one of the schools early on in the tour hadn’t actually arranged for any pupils to be in attendance at my event!!! That meant we had to cancel at the last minute!! Luckily, the quick-thinking staff at the book shop which was due to supply the books were able to step in and are in the process of sorting out an event at a different school in the area. Phew!!!! Those are the sort of little jabs and twists which keep life interesting when you’re out on the road!! Hopefully that narrowly diverted disaster will be the only fly in the ointment — or is it an omen of even worse catastrophes to come?!?!? Stay tuned to this blog to find out!!!!!


  1. Sami Tolvanen said,

    Thanks for the great blog! 🙂 Not to mention the books, of course…

    I just emailed the publisher of your books here in Finland, demanding that they invite you to visit Finland at some point. I would love to get a chance to meet you and get a book signed!

    Have a great tour! 😀

  2. donna wilson said,

    Our students are so excited about your Cirque de Freak books. We are having a movie release party in October to celebrate the new movie. do you have any merchandise available…t-shirts, posters, key chains, etc? We can’t seem to locate any merchandise for give aways. Please let us know when you are comiing to the United States!! We would love to have you visit Richmond, Virginia.

  3. christina burgi said,

    hi i dont know if you read your comments but i hope you do i just wanted to say thank you when my parents took my out of school i gave up on reading but then a came across one of your books and fell in love with it and your series your book helped me get throw a lot just thank you if you are ever comming to the arlington or dallas area of texas plz let me known if its not to much to ask if you really do read this let me known you care about your fans by saying in your blog you got my message or something plz you dont know how many lifes your books have change for the better agin i must say thank you

  4. Robbie said,

    Demonically good blog there Darren Shan. Hope the tour goes well. Keep up the good work by writing more soon please!!!

  5. Robbie said,

    Halloweeen closing in… good month for Shan stuff, eh? End of Demonata, volume 3 of the Saga manga and then there is the movie!!! Great stuff!

  6. bluemonkeysocks said,

    Got your new book after school today 😀 I’m half way through now, love it so far. Has anyone else noticed that on the inside of the back cover, with the pictures of all the previous books in the series, the picture of Slawter is really off? Or is it just my copy?

  7. Ben said,

    Hey =) Just today I went to a special event with Darren Shan, IT WAS SOOOOOOO COOL!!!! Thank you Darren for an amazing time!
    I got 2 books signed including HELL’S HEROES!!!!
    Also hopefully coming to blue water next weekend to his book signing!
    Your the best Darren Shan!!

  8. bluemonkeysocks said,

    Finished reading your book last night! Cried at the end again 😛 i realised how creepy Bec’s eyes are on the front, like they’re not seeing anything, but seeing too much at the same time… O.o strange

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