A sloe day at the office!

September 27, 2009 at 20:45 (1)

Lots more packing on Friday, as well as other bits and pieces relating to the move, along with an interview or two too!! I went out with my friend Kenny later, to get a break. Had a nice night out, though I drank a bit more than was good for me, and ended up having to crash at his place on the way home — I didn’t think my stomach would last the car journey all the way to my house!!! Took it very easy on Saturday — got up late, didn’t move about much, just watched some TV and a film, then back to bed!! I’m just not cut out to be a heavy drinker!!!

Today I did some more packing in the morning, then went for Sunday lunch to my Mum and Dad’s — delicious, as always. After that I went sloe picking with some of my cousins — Tiernan, Meara and Olivia. Sloes are small, black berries. You can’t eat them as they come, but you can make sloe gin out of them — yum!!! My Granny is famous round these parts for her sloe gin, and a few years ago Bas and I started collecting them every year when they were ripe for picking. Some we give to my Gran, some we keep for ourselves. Bas wasn’t there today, but I loved being out with the young ones — I had a real feeling of being part of a tradition. We probably won’t drink the sloe gin from these berries for a year or two, if not longer (we still have some on the brew from a couple of years ago, when we had a bumper crop — there were virtually none last year, so we didn’t make any then). When we finally get round to it, I’ll be able to look back, remember the day that was in it, being out with my cousins, having to shelter from a brief rainstorm, washing them and pricking each berry with a fork while we watched The Simpsons on the TV back home… Good times!!!!

I’ve added lots more posts about the movie over on my message board (it had its first public screening in Austin on Saturday). To check out all the latest updates, CLICK HERE.


  1. Robbie said,

    Grand old blog there Darren Shan. I really enjoyed reading Hell’s Heroes and was really satisfied with the end. I did not view it as a book with a hopeless tone, which I thought Son Of Destuiny had. Keep up the good work by writing more soon please!!!! Looking forward to the manga and movie!!!

  2. Kasie said,

    I have almost accomplished reading all the Cirque Du Freak series, these books are wonderful, they are full of action, and are full of facts that make sense , some may believe that vampires could actually exist although they do not. Mr. Shan’s Second book of the Cirque Du Freak series is my personal favorite because he is just figuring out more of the ways of the vampires. I am looking forward to the movie , and i hope more books of vampires are soon to come from the author.

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