Packing, packing, packing…

September 23, 2009 at 21:24 (1)

… packing, packing, packing, and more… you guessed it… PACKING!!!! Officially sick to my back teeth of boxes now!! Still, I’m definitely making progress. All of my movies are now packed neatly away, along with most of my book collection (except for first editions and signed copies, which I keep in a different section). I’ve just started in on my comics collection, which is the trickiest of the lot, because they come in so many different sizes, meaning that each box needs to be stacked separately!!! After that, it’s *just* the books in my office, i.e. all the editions of my own books that have been published around the world. I’ll be getting professionals in to pack all the furniture, kitchenware, etc when we move. I would have had them do the books, movies and comics too, but because of my complicated stacking system, they required the personal touch!! Only upside to all the packing is that for the first time in as long as I can remember, I’m neither writing nor editing while at home — it’s quite refreshing not to have to get up every morning and do something creative!!!!

In around all the packing, I’ve done several interviews this week — there’s been quite a lot of media interest, largely generated by the upcoming movie, but also because Hell’s Heroes is the final book of The Demonata. I’ve been answering questions sent by email for all sorts of publications, and I’ve done a couple of phone interviews too. Plus I’ve been trying to keep fans updated about the latest film news (visit the movie forum on my message board for all the latest updates by CLICKING HERE). And I’ve also been sorting out various other bits and pieces, including the auction for the limited edition of Hell’s Heroes, and a special preview screening of the movie in Limerick at the end of my tour!! So many strings to pull together!!!! Hopefully I’ll have everything in place by the time I post the October issue of the Shanville Monthly next Monday or Tuesday — if not, to hell with it, I’ll be heading out on tour and absolutely NOTHING will be getting done for the following two weeks except for that — on the road, everything else just melts away into the background…


  1. Robbie said,

    Grand ol’ blog Darren Shan! Hope you enjoy the tour and I am looking forward to both the final Demonata book as well as the movie. Keep up the good work by writing more soon please!!!

  2. Zoe said,

    Great blog Darren Shan. Hope that moving is not a big hassle. I can not wait until the final book of the Demonata series . 😦 i AM NOT VERY HAPPY THAT IT IS THE LAST BOOK 😦 but I hope it is good I even refure to my friends as”human stains” or characters from the books. Keep on posting πŸ™‚

  3. bluemonkeysocks said,

    I was in town with a friend today and we went into W H Smith. They have Hell’s Heroes in there, and apparently it came out yesterday! We got really confused because everywhere says it comes out the first of October. It’s not available on the Smith website yet either. Why have they done that?
    Can’t wait to read it, wanted to sit down in the shop and read it right there but had to be home soon.

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