Double trouble!!

September 21, 2009 at 20:04 (1)

Went to a Christening on Saturday, for the latest additions to my ever-expanding family — a pair of twins called Cian and Aine, whose father is my cousin, Little John. In the UK, yet another of our youngsters – Oliver – was being Christened too, but lacking the ability to be in two places at once, I had to toast his introduction to the clan from afar!!! Many beers were drunk in their honour by all and sundry — but not TOO many — it’s bad form to get legless at a Christening!! Weddings are fair game, but not in front of the babbies!!!!!!

On Sunday I watched Spurs lose again, this time to Chelsea. After our bright start to the season (our best in almost 50 years) we’ve been hit with a double whammy in recent matches!! Hopefully we can get back to winning ways with our next match and push on to better things again, otherwise it threatens to be yet another season of mid-table mediocrity. *sigh*

One of my favourite bands, Fred, recently released a wonderful little video for one of their coolest songs, Skyscrapers, on YouTube. I think it perfectly captures the catchy, infectious vibe of the band — as well as sounding great, they’re amazing performers too!! You can check it out by CLICKING HERE. If this was a fair, just world, Fred would be the biggest band in existence since The Beatles!!! Do yourself a favour and go check the video out, and if you like it, go buy their albums and lend them as much support as you can — you’ll be joining one of the coolest, grooviest “cults” ever to bestride this planet of finger-clicking pop!!!!!!


  1. Robbie said,

    Grand old blog there Darren Shan. Glad you family is expanding. I may as well check out Fred on YouTube as I enjoyed 1 or 2 songs from The Enemy and you had recommended them I think and mentioned them in your blogs. Keep up the good work by writing more soon please!!!

  2. Zoe said,

    Hey Darren Shan, I’m quite new to your blog. I actually only started reading it a few days ago. I AM A BIG FAN OF YOU! 🙂 I have read almost all of the books in the Demonata series all the way up to the seventh book, they are flipping AWESOME!!!! Cant wait to read the rest of your books.
    I watched the FRED video it was cool, but i have never herd of the band Fred 😦 I’m from Canada but I have always wanted to go to England

    Darren Shan i have one thing to say to you……YOU ARE AWSOME, YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Emily said,

    oooh! What a wonderful band and such good songs too! This sort of music is right up my street…thanks for the recommendation Darren. I’ll definately be adding my support.
    Football?! nah… don’t get it myself, I’ll stick to British ice hockey for now. Much more entertaining and more family friendly too…there’s none of this hooligan/rioting fan business giving the sport a bad name, in the world of ice hockey.
    p.s. counting down the days till the film release!!! Can’t wait!!!! : )

  4. BC said,

    Fred are brilliant, i saw them at Oxegen this year,they stole the show.helps that theyre from cork too,the coolest county in Ireland! Going to see them in the Pavillion tomorrow night!

  5. Gen said,

    Hi. My sister is a big fan of yours books and showed me the ‘Skyscrapers’ video aftr reading this post. Congrats, you have made a ‘Fred’ fan of me.

  6. Zoe said,

    😦 Don’t like when my sister does stuff like that ^. Im going to put the skyscrapers song on my mp3 🙂 the music video is kind of weird but the song is great! Thank Darren Shan 😉 Europe is cool!!!!!!!!

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