A Mighty Spoiler!!!

September 17, 2009 at 20:32 (1)

Sat down with Bas tonight to watch the movie A Mighty Heart, starring Angelina Jolie. When I pressed the PLAY button, I was given the option of watching an introduction to the film. Naturally, I watched it, as I usually do in cases like this — only to find that it gave the major plot twist of the film away!! I won’t repeat it here, in case anyone who hasn’t seen the film ever watches it in the future, but suffice to say, it robbed the entire film of all its sense of urgency and suspense. It was quite well made, but knowing in advance how it all ended… grrr!!!!! I suppose the makers figured, since it was a true story, that viewers would know how it ended — but they figured wrong, certainly in my case!!!!!

Spent the day doing various bits and pieces on my PC, including updating my official press biography — I hadn’t touched it in 3 years or more, and a lot has changed during that time!! I also packed up more DVDs, and started moving some stuff next door to the house which we’ll be moving into once the work on our extension commences. I’d much rather be editing or writing, instead of having to deal with boring, practical crud like this, but the demands of the real world must be met every now and then, I suppose…


  1. M.M.T said,


  2. M.M.T said,

    Demonata = ?

  3. cma2 said,

    is the manga darren shan worth paying for? cuz im REELY into manga and i saw it in a school book catalog!

    • cma2 said,

      its too late now anyways… ur fault 4 not replying! >=P

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