The Best Of Times

September 16, 2009 at 20:34 (1)

Went to see La Cage Aux Folles at the theatre last night. I’d seen it before, but John Barrowman recently joined the cast, so I wanted to see what he was like in it. I took my grand-aunt Nora along. We both had a fab time — it’s a top-notch show, a little on the long side perhaps, but so bright and funny that you don’t really notice the time passing. Barrowman was excellent, especially when he sang “I Am What I Am”, but oddly, I didn’t feel he was completely right for the part. Albin, the character he plays, is supposed to be a fading drag queen star, extremely effeminate and show-offy. Barrowman was just too damn masculine — he has the physique of an action star (as he is, of course, in Torchwood), and it was hard to accept him in drag. He looked much more in his element when he was wearing men’s clothing during certain parts. In a dress, he didn’t look real. Still, as I said, he was excellent, both acting and singing — just a bit miscast.

The highlight of the show for me, apart from his incredibly moving performance of the song mentioned above, was the show’s other great number, “The Best Of Times”, a song which celebrates the need to enjoy the pleasures of the moment, because there’s no guarantee what tomorrow will bring. It’s something I’ve spoken of in my blog before — I’m all too aware that I, like most people, don’t always stop to smell the roses and enjoy life when times are good. It’s easy to let the good times slip by unnoticed — but important not to. We should all pause every now and then, when things are calm and the people we love are close to us and everything is… well… nice, to appreciate how lucky we are to be in such a moment, even if it’s not especially exciting or glamorous. This song always reminds me of that, and I’ve been humming it solid for the last 24 hours.

Finally — the sad passing of Patrick Swayze. As I’ve said here before, I absolutely HATED Dirty Dancing. It’s an awful, AWFUL film, one of the worst I’ve ever seen, and I can never understand what so many people see in it. I know it was Swayze’s biggest hit, but if that was all he’d done, I wouldn’t be mentioning him here, as I’ve tried very hard to wipe it from my memory banks!!! But he also starred in the TV series, North And South, which I thought was great when I saw it as a kid. And Ghost, which I love, as corny as it is. And a less widely appreciated film, which nevertheless tickled my fancy — Roadhouse, in which he played a zen bouncer!!! And he had a nice little part in Donnie Darko too. So, yes, I will miss Patrick Swayze — just not for THAT film!!!!

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