Another one bites the dust!

September 9, 2009 at 20:46 (1)

I finished my latest, final full edit of The Thin Executioner — hurrah!!! I edited more than 90 pages today. I always race through the final section of this book. So much happens in the last quarter that, each time I come to it, I get sucked in and find myself hurtling along, not wanting to stop!! I hope that’s a good sign, and that the story sucks in you guys too when you come to read it next year!! As I’ve said here before, The Thin Executioner is my personal favourite out of all of my books. I’ve been living with the story for more than seven years now, ever since the idea first came to me when I was reading a short Philip Pullman book back around February 2002, though I didn’t seriously start work on the book until the end of that year and the start of 2003. And, even after all this time, it still appeals to me as much as it did back when it was first taking shape. Part of me is sad to be almost at the end after all this time, yet another part of me can’t wait to unleash it, to see what you lot have to say about it!!!


  1. Robbie said,

    Good blog there Darren. Good to hear you are now, I think, done TTE. Keep up the good work and write more soon please!!!!

  2. Zach said,

    I can’t wait till The Thin Executioner is released! Fantasy is my favorite genre and now your publishing a fantasy book, I’m so excited.

  3. Michael said,

    Anyway ou could tell me if this is going to be a one-off or a series please? And also the release dates of the Mr Crepsley books/any other works

  4. joseph plummer said,

    sounds great cant w8 to read it :]

  5. martin said,

    hey Darren, you done soem amazing books cant wait to get my hands on The Thin Executioner see if it can live up to the rest of your works, you done vampires and demons will you be tryng any werewolves in the future do?

    • branden said,

      He’s written about werewolves in the Demonata. I’m guessing he’d try to go for a different theme next time around.

  6. laurence said,

    Hi Darren, you won’t remember me but I was one of the many people at the book signing in Borders,Watford. Can’t wait for your next book!

  7. zach sully the ruler of all pwnage said,

    i just finished the last demonta book it was cool you rock darren

  8. zach sully the ruler of all pwnage said,

    nice endimg you DVS BSTRD

  9. ed said,

    ive read all your books and they have been more then amazing, everytime i started to read one of your books i dont put it down untill im done. and i just have to ask does the The Thin Executioner, the demonta or cirque du freak universes intertwine? at the end of demonta they are the universe so they could of made everyone in cirque du freak and i just wana know if anyone will make a appearance in any of your other books? like Jebel Rum meets grubbs or something.

  10. Parker said,

    read all ur books cant wait for the next one

  11. PL said,

    I think between the SAGA and Demonata, the demonata is the best, i think Grubbs is one of the most interesting character i’ve read about. It’ll be really cool to have one of the character based on the characteristics of grubbs in the Thin Executioner.

  12. sean said,

    is the thin executioner the first book of a new series or is it a book on its own?

  13. NT said,

    hey. u r definitely my favorite author. I love the saga and i think it was absolutely amazing. The demonata was also great but i prefer the saga. Thanks for the great books and keep up the good work!~!!

  14. Tristan said,

    Hey Darren! Im not quite done all your books yet! I’ve only read the first two demonata books, but lord loss i listened to rupert dega hehe. But my teacher read Cirque du freak to us and said we could read the other ones if we wanted. So I decided i wanted to and im now in the begining of lord of the shadows! Lake of souls is my favourite so far i think. That or The vampires assistant

  15. Piotr said,

    Am mortified ta find out the demonata series is over, ur books rule, uve inspired my imagination so many times, hehehe ur the reason i passed english literature XD, i wish ud write sum more on the demons n stuff again i loved the series, ur books are just bout the only ones i can get into, u rock darren, plz dont stop writing.

  16. brandon said,

    hey darren i was always wondering if you were goin to create a series about evanna’s future twins and i know that the movie came out not to long ago about the cirque du freak seris but i think that after you are done with the demenatta books it would be really bad ass if you started up a brand new series with desmond tinys grandchildren as the main characters that would be really cool thanks

  17. adrian said,

    I’m almost finished the Demonata series and I LOVED it

  18. adrian said,

    lol you should make a series where Mr. Crepsley and Darren meet Grubbs and the other demonata series caracters. That would be a nice twist.

  19. adrian said,

    is the thin executioner out yet?

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