One last swing of the axe

September 7, 2009 at 18:36 (1)

Edited the final few pages of the new book on Saturday, then launched straight into my final draft of The Thin Executioner. My editor has sent through her final set of notes, so with those in hand I’m ploughing through the book for what will be my final proper pass. I will get one last chance to tinker slightly with it at the proofs stage, but by then any changes are costly and messy, so all I’ll be looking out for then are any typos or small errors which we might have missed. This is my final real edit, my last chance to change anything that I don’t feel is working quite as well as it should be. If something’s wrong, and I don’t fix it now, it’ll be wrong forever!!!!

On Sunday a Japanese journalist came to interview me, along with his translator and a friend. We had a delicious lunch, walked around my house and field a bit, and then did the interview. Work like that is a pleasure!!! Later we visited my grandparents and parents. The journalist’s parents, who are also in Ireland at the moment, had made sushi for us, and we had some left over, so I gave a few pieces to my granny. She’s close to 80 now, but this was her first time trying sushi!! Her verdict — she liked it!!!! I hope I’m still trying new grub in my twilight years if I make it to her age!!!!!!

Today I edited another big chunk of The Thin Executioner. It’s coming along nicely, nothing big that needs tweaking, although there are quite a few little things here and there that I’ve been fiddling with. Sometimes I feel like I’m being too fussy when I get to this stage of the editing process (will it REALLY matter if I repeat a word in the same sentence?!?), but I always figure it’s best to get things as tight as you can. I know from reading other books that a bit of slackness on the author’s part can prove disjointing and distract you from the text. With a book, I always think that the author should be invisible — if I do my job right, you won’t be thinking about me when you’re reading the book, you’ll be caught up in the story. A little slip that makes you mutter to yourself, “He shouldn’t have done that,” can very easily break the spell, and that’s never a good thing. So the nitpicking shall continue!!!!

Oh, and over the weekend I started boxing up my DVD and video collection. Our house is being extended in the near future, meaning Bas and I have to move out of our home for anything up to a year (!!). That means putting most of our stuff in storage. If you’ve ever wondered if it would be fun to pack up more than 4000 films in dozens of boxes and carefully label each box to make sure you can unpack them easily and quickly a year down the line, I’m here to tell you folks — it isn’t!!!!!! Showbusiness — it’s a right royal pain in the a@$!!!!!!!

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