A star is born!!

September 4, 2009 at 21:13 (1)

Finished my first draft of the fourth book of the new series today. Very pleased with how it turned out. It’s not as fast-paced as the first three, and has nowhere near the same level of action, but it’s important in a long series to have your quieter moments too. I want this to be a series of short, snappy books, but that doesn’t mean I can’t afford to slow down the pace every so often and give the characters time to breathe. I’d like to plough straight into the fifth book now, but I need to edit The Thin Executioner again, and I want to do another edit of an adult book after that, and then I’m going to be on tour, so it will have to wait for while. *sigh* Things were so much easier back in the days when I was a complete unknown without any money — I had nothing else to do except write back then, so I used to fly through books in no time at all!!! That’s the price of living the dream, I guess!!! As long as I get to write at least a few new first drafts each year, and stay well ahead of my publication schedule, I can’t complain too much…

Finished reading Let The Right One In last night. Absolutely gripping from start to finish!! I’ve become quite a lazy reader in recent years, and do most of my reading these days on the road, when I’m travelling around. But this one pulled me in and I had to spend an hour or so every night flicking through it. It was also interesting to compare it with the film. Both were excellent, and in certain ways each was the better of the other. The book was able to give us more characters and plot lines, allowing us to explore the world of the story in even deeper detail. But the visuals of the film were haunting and worked even more effectively in some instances than the words in the book. For instance, there’s a scene at the end set in a swimming pool. It was a very good scene in the book, but in the movie it was incredibly powerful. Just goes to show that books and films are two completely different medium, which work in different ways, and sometimes a scene is better suited to one rather than the other.

Speaking of good films, I went to see District 9 this evening. Top-notch sci-fi!!! It looked totally real, it was smart, it moved fast, it was original. Easy to see why it’s had so many rave reviews!! Part of me longs for a sequel, though another part of me hopes they stop where they are, as it’s hard to see how they would improve on this one. I think it might be similar to The Matrix, in that sometimes less is more…

Finally, check out this fan video on YouTube, created by Katie as a birthday present for me a couple of months back. I posted the link before, but back then she wasn’t able to use her song of choice, meaning the video wasn’t quite as funny as it should have been. Katie persevered, managed to get permission to use the song she wanted, and now it’s hilarious!!! To access the video, CLICK HERE.


  1. Sarah McGovern said,

    That YouTube video is really good and so funny, well done to the Creator Katie : )

  2. Robbie said,

    Brilliant YouTube video there that I favourited. Glad to see you seem to be progressing well in your writing Darren Shan. Keep up the good work and write more soon please!!!

  3. Craig said,

    I watched you on the Plinth online, and thought you did an amazing job. Well done.

  4. Simon Dyda said,

    I haven’t read Let The Right One In but the film was beautiful, which isn’t an adjective commonly used to describe a vampire flick. It went straight on to my short list of favourite films ever, and the only other vamp film on that list is Polanski’s Fearless Vampire Killers (full list in chronological order being:The Third Man ; Viridiana ; The G, the B & the U ; The Fearless Vampire Killers ; Chinatown ; Blade Runner ; Pulp Fiction ; Dead Man ; Brick ; In Bruges ; Let The Right One In)

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