Busier than an extra-busy bee!!

September 1, 2009 at 20:37 (1)

Phew — today just flew by!!! Got off to a flying start on the writing front, and ended up surpassing my daily target to write 13 pages in total!!! It’s always a pleasure when a chapter flows smoothly and you find yourself totally caught up inside it. The five pages I wrote in the morning were a bit of hard work, as they usually are, but in the evening it was like I just couldn’t stop!!

But stop I had to, because there was the not-so-small matter of the September issue of the Shanville Monthly to deal with!! After a break for dinner and a film (The Strangers, a so-so horror film starring Liv Tyler), I collated all the movie news from the last month, along with all the other updates and information, and ploughed on through one of the longest issues of the Monthly ever, in record time!!!! I thought, when I started, that I’ll still be working on the Monthly by the time I went to bed, and that I’d have to finish it the next day, but lo and behold, not only did I wrap it up before sundown, but I even had time to squeeze in walk too — much needed after a day spent glued to the computer!!!

The rest of the week should hopefully be a breeze after today — although, having said that, I’ve probably cursed myself now and will end up having to deal with dozens of vital emails and other matters in the days to come!!! Anyway, I’m going to enjoy the rest of tonight and take it easy for a few hours at least!!

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  1. Robbie said,

    Good blog Darren Shan. I shall try to check out the Shanville Monthly soon. Glad you are progressing in your work. Please write more soon please and keep up the good work!!!!!

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